Nathan Fletcher/U-T Drama: A Recap

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The Nathan Fletcher/U-T San Diego split has evolved into a controversy, according to some local news outlets and the newspaper’s executive editor. So we thought we would bring you up to speed. Here’s a quick recap: 

First there was this from the U-T: The question for Nathan Fletcher: What does ‘move to the middle’ mean?

Then this from Team Fletcher: Nathan Fletcher Answered UT San Diego’s Questions And this from Voice of San Diego: A Newspaper Frets Over Fletcher and the GOP brand

Then this, wrapped across the U-T’s front page on Sunday: Editorial: Carl DeMaio for Mayor of San Diego

Then Team Fletcher: Fletcher Responds to UT San Diego Editorial Board Endorsement Litmus Test

Then this, stripped across the U-T’s local section  (NOTE: Web headline is different from what was in paper): Fletcher: Principled or Panderer?

Then this from KPBS: U-T Editor Doesn’t Want Filner in Mayoral Race

Then this from the Filner Campaign: Downtown Insiders Fear Filner 

Then this from U-T Editor Jeff Light (from his Facebook page): Response to a reporter’s questions on the controversy of the purloined tape

Then this from 10News: U-T San Diego Mayoral Endorsement Stirs Debate

And from today’s Morning Report: U-T’s Editor Responds to Controversy Over Candidate Comments

Do you think the drama between the daily newspaper and Fletcher will continue? Do you care? Let us know. Thank you for reading Rostra!


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  1. If newspapers have to run official editorials, they should at least add the names of those who approved them. That gives the public clarity on who is responsible, and just as important, lets the public know who is not responsible for the editorial.

  2. UT endorsement of Carl DeMaio is only “drama” because Nathan Fletcher is drama. #leavenodramabehind

  3. Brian,
    No, at least not online. The DeMaio endorsement says it’s “By U-T San Diego Editorial Staff.” No names given. These unsigned editorials are a pet peeve of mine, and probably many reporters.

  4. I would think such endorsement editorials are hard to credit, as some papers put up the OWNER’S endorsements as editorials. And maybe the owner’s heavily influence the editors who actually WRITE the endorsements. Indeed, would not we EXPECT that to be the case?

    It’s a little murky. But frankly it doesn’t much bother me. I don’t own the U-T, and the paper (being truly private) can go at it any way they feel is best.

    That being said, readers urging the paper to post who is actually making the endorsements is good too. The owners and editors should welcome such reader feedback, even if the honchos ultimately chose a different policy.

    I might add that, having been through a few of the U-T endorsement interviews with propositions, I can report that the main editors often bring in a few valued colleagues to hear the arguments from both sides. Not sure who votes, but at the very least the editors get additional internal feedback before the folks that WRITE UP the endorsements do their job.

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