Emerald vs. Ethics Commission, “Anonymous” vs. San Diego Republican Party

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Emerald vs. Ethics Commission

So the “Troubleshooter” doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot. As investigations from the Ethics Commission move her closer and closer to a large fine for various violations, Emerald is going to have the gall at the next meeting to “openly challenge the ethics panel over an enforcement action” while at the same time “her argument isn’t that she is innocent”. This is delightful. I think anyone who watched the “Troubleshooter” over the years knows she was Judge, Jury, and Executioner… right or wrong. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, listen to the squeal. My key question: in what looks like a Republican year will the scandals finely catch up with her?

“Anonymous” vs. San Diego Republican Party

I like closure. Tonight, at long last, many of us who have had to put up with dozens of nasty, anonymous emails clogging our inboxes, may finally have closure. Tonight, those individuals who recently have made criminal accusations against California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring and San Diego Republican Party Tony Krvaric, are holding a press conference after the local Republican Party meeting with what they argue is direct evidence of these crimes. Or they won’t. Of course, if they do show up, and the evidence they reveal doesn’t meet certain standards, the accusers will have identified themselves for future legal action. Looks like it’s cards on the table time, boys.


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  1. Any bets on the accusers not being there? How about a pile of stapled documents in the form of a press conference? LOL.

  2. So who is going to be the frontman at the press conference tonight? I frankly don’t believe any of this nonsense, think that these people have caused enough trouble in the party, and will be happy to see them involved in a costly lawsuit.

    So who is going to risk their savings account on this? I’m really looking forward to seeing. Kevin? Cliff? Mike? Who is going to be the one or who will be the ones to put their names on the line here?

    My guess? It’s all bluster again.

  3. There will be another little bit of fun tonight: the names of those involved in the no name email will be released. Friends, you have a rat. Can you guess who?

    Da Rat

  4. Stunning, San Diego’s “progressive” fish wrapper will be there to watch Crimmon’s freakshow. I realize this will probably be a lopsided article, but all the same you should spend a few minutes talking with Crimmons, Sumrall, and Kevin so you can see how nutty they are.

  5. Lets just get rid of the crazy people once and for all. None of this has anything to do with ideology, or the work the party gets done or doesnt get done. This is about our longstanding tolerance of mentally ill people who manage to run and get elected.

    I’ve read the emails. If they can’t prove what they are alleging, there should be action taken against the people at the press conference.

  6. In a word, anticlimactic. No press conference, no evidence, no explanation. Media were there, but no one showed up for the anonymously promised press conference. Nothing. Cowards.

  7. My view is this purported press conference from the very outset, when I and others first received it last Thursday on February 4th, looked very much like a hoax or part of a planned misinformation program. Why? There was no specific Point of Contact info whatsoever to be found in it. Plus the meeting was over at 8PM not 8:30PM as indicated in it along with the fact the business meeting was scheduled to end at 7PM. And having seen many press releases, this one didn’t even look like one. Checking with the Town & Country, they didn’t even have a location scheduled for it either. You would think the press would check these things out prior to showing up. You would think.

  8. I demand to see the original birth certificates (not the COLBs) of those accusing Ron and Tony!

    P.S.: Whatever you show me is fake.

  9. Crimmins, I feel like all of your questions are actually addressed to you or that Quasimodo of an alternate of yours Davis since you were the ones who called all that stuff. I don’t know what is crazier, the fact that you did that, the fact that you pretend not to, or that fact that you deny it while attacking the proverbial “real killer” of the emails. The county party doesn’t need to do things via “planned misinformation”, they do things on the record. I wish I could have been in the room to see you squirm and turn bright red while you tried to backwardly explain how “spear chucker” and “i’d succeed at killing you” were taken out of context. Next time slip in some alien abduction to make it more believable.

  10. Crimmins is one odd, sometimes scary duck. I heard him say in public that if HE were in charge, he’d have Homeland Security make late night visits to those who oppose our war policies — to “straighten ’em out.”

    He’s also gullible. Once he asserted (again in public) that retired police officers deserve big retirement packages since they live an average of only 18 months. Anyone who believes that is both gullible AND nuts.

  11. In regards to Mr. Rider’s recent post: I have only met the gentleman once. And that was well over a year and a half ago at a monthly San Diego Gun Rights meeting.

    Both of his comments are false, untrue, and were never uttered by me. Period. Is that clear enough for all of you nameless anonymous fans in the stands?

  12. Don’t know what inspired me to write in my experiences with Michael Crimmins. I’m not even a Republican, so what do I care?

    That being said, in MY universe, the recollections concerning Crimmins are spot on. In his parallel universe, such is not the case. Classic “he said, he did not say.” Neither of us can prove our position.

    We do agree on one thing — we have met only once, at the NRA meeting he described. I was struck by both his comments, and described the uneasy encounter to friends the next day. I was stunned that these informal comments came from the GOP candidate for a possibly winnable Congressional race.

    At the time, I did tell Crimmins he was simply wrong about the “police dies soon” assertion. It’s propaganda from police “research.”

    No need to dwell on this further. Sorry I brought it up.

    What was I thinking? Do I have a shortage of enemies?

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