Mo Muir’s Republican Party of San Diego County Endorsement Request Should Be Rejected

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Maureen “Mo” Muir is running for re-election to the San Dieguito Union High School District Board of Trustees. She has served on school boards for close to 12 years now. Four years ago, she ran for the California Assembly. She didn’t raise money, didn’t secure the Republican Party of San Diego County (RPSDC) endorsement, and at the 11th hour either launched or joined on to a coordinated (and baseless) attack against the GOP-endorsed candidate, Philip Graham.

Mo Muir should NOT be rewarded for her bad behavior with an RPSDC endorsement.

In egoist circles, we say “The Moral is Always The Practical.” In my principled opinion, Muir’s immoral behavior should disqualify her from working a convenience store cash register let alone holding a position of public trust. Let me outline some pragmatic reasons why the Republican Party of San Diego County should reject her request:

1- Mo Muir doesn’t care about you. She hasn’t helped you register voters, raise money, or attend your Committee meetings. You see her every four years when she wants an endorsement. Muir didn’t even show up for her 2018 Assembly endorsement vote. She expects you to support her because “who else you gonna support?”

2- Scandal follows her. I acknowledge that may be because she’s a thorn in the teachers’ union side, or it may be because she arrogantly believes that she can do what she wants.

3- She actively works against your endorsed candidates. It was one thing to run against your endorsed 2018 Assembly candidate, another thing to attack him in the primary, and a vile act to accuse him of sexual assault, rape, and other baseless charges when she knew they were false. (Muir will claim that she had no knowledge that her hired consultant, Ken Moser, released the fraudulent robocalls days before the primary election. Moser was fined $10 million for the act.)

Republicans in San Diego are in a tough spot. Now, more than ever, RPSDC has to be strategic about endorsements. It has to “clear the field” to advance one candidate past the “jungle primary.” It cannot afford to reward candidates who work against those goals, especially when they use nefarious tactics for personal gain.

Consider who cleaned up the San Diego Democrats when Bob Filner was up to his antics; other Democrats. Sure, they lost the Mayor’s office for seven years, but they gained the City Council, Board of Supervisors, and a majority in five or six other cities during that time.

Mo Muir is a bad apple. Reject her endorsement. Don’t give your good name to candidates who don’t respect you; instead start recruiting good people for public office.

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Brian Brady is a former San Diegan, living in Florida since 2020. He was a San Diego County tea party activist, founding member of the San Diego County Republican Liberty Caucus, and Executive Committee Member of the Republican Party of San Diego County. He is an active member in the Pinellas County (FL) Republican Liberty Caucus and, as of today, Thor’s Assistant appointed him Bureau Chief to the Florida desk of San Diego Rostra.


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  1. Do you have an alternative? Someone who will reject mask and vaccine mandates (yes, it’s still a thing here in California)? Someone who will reject CRT and DEI initiatives? Someone who will support the best interests of children and not teachers unions? Because unless you’re part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

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    Mo Muir has a character problem. She is only interested in what advances her political career and will turn on Republicans to do that, How do I know that? I outlined it for you above.

    The Republican Party of San Diego County is a brand and Muir attacks and snubs the brand unless it serves her purposes. Only a masochist would let her do it again. It is my understanding that over 80% of her home caucus representatives signed on to oppose her endorsement. Why? They aren’t masochists.

    Certainly, I could understand voting for the lesser of two evils but I wouldn’t trust her to do what she says. Why? Again, her actions are not consistent with her words.

    In May, Nichole Burgan had accused then-76th District State Assembly candidate Philip Graham of kissing her against her wishes at an Encinitas bar, then trying to get her to touch him in a sexual manner outside the bar. This occurred around 2 in the morning, and Ms. Burgan filed a complaint with the Sheriff’s Department. Many local media stations and newspapers reported the incident. Opponents of the candidate re-posted the accusations on social media, mailers, etc… Democratic opposition PACs spent nearly $150,000 on this one incident alone. Burgan’s attorney, Peter Tran, later told the judge his client had been “inebriated” and that she made the report to let deputies know “she thought something happened.” After the investigation, she said, “OK, maybe I was wrong,” Tran said. Burgan’s guilty plea came on the same day her trial was to start and after the $800 Robo Call was sent out. Phil, what were you doing in a bar on Mother’s Day at 2 am, during the campaign, talking and hanging out with an intoxicated woman? Philip needs to take responsibility for his actions or inactions as a candidate (e.g., running an inferior race, visiting bars late at night, losing two previous elections, etc.). An $800 legal robocall didn’t make Phil lose the race; Phil did! Grow up, Phil, before other stuff comes out about your past!
    FPPC ruled that the Muirs did nothing wrong, and the case was dropped.
    FCC complaint was filed against the Vendor, not the Muir’s (Philip Graham also used this same vendor in the past for Robo Calls).
    Every election, candidates bring out the good in themselves while exposing the bad in their opponents (Issa/DeMaio, Bruce-Lane/Cutter, Rodriguez/Maryott, etc.). Should the party not support them, either?
    6 Republican Candidates ran for that seat against Philip Graham; 1 Mayor, 1 Deputy Mayor, 1 Central Committee Member, 1 School Board Trustee, and 2 others. Jerome Stocks is also still being harassed by Philip Graham! The election was six years ago.

    Any Republican Central Committee Member who votes against this strong valued candidate (MO MUIR) who opposed closing schools, created a resolution for mask-choice, made a policy to return the Pledge of Allegiance to the classroom, against woke education, and a strong opponent to the Teachers Union will be considered a RINO and will lose all credibility, along with their supportive choice for any future candidates. Mo won all her races within the school district, including four years ago, with the party’s endorsement, against a strong union-backed candidate. No easy task in a Democratic area. A NO ENDORSEMENT IS A VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT, UNION-BACKED CANDIDATE, and will be remembered.

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    @Mark Muir

    Why did you and Mo pay for a robocall, calling the Republican endorsed candidate for Assembly, in 2018, a “rapist”?

    FYI– I saved the emails we exchanged along with the audio file of the robocall. I caught you doing this four years ago. You probably thought, since I moved to FL, that I would not care nor save those emails and audio files. Maybe you should call me and Phil “outside agitators, aligned with the Democrats.” That might work !!!

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    By whom, Mark? Neither you nor your wife have been to a RPSDC meeting in 5 years. I have been to more of them and I live farther from the meetings than you do.

    Do you realize that you are threatening a bunch of volunteers? What exactly do you intend to do to them?

    Keep talking. You are digging a deeper hole.

  6. Brian,

    You’re a liar! Phil was never called a rapist (please reference the text). Feel free to publish my emails to you. I don’t believe you or Phil live in our state and haven’t voted in our state’s last two elections. Please provide facts, not part or misinformation. I hope you don’t sell Real Estate this way!

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    “You’re a liar! Phil was never called a rapist (please reference the text).”

    Ok. What were the exact words you used when you sent out that robocall?

    “I don’t believe you or Phil live in our state and haven’t voted in our state’s last two elections.”

    I would hope I didn’t vote in the last two elections; it would be illegal to do so as a Florida resident. If you read the article, you would see that I was quite clear about my residency at the bottom of it. Where do you live, Mark?

    “Please provide facts, not part or misinformation. I hope you don’t sell Real Estate this way!”

    I finance rather than sell real estate but I’m niggling. I stand by the three points made in the article:

    1- Your wife doesn’t care about the RPSDC Central Committee. During the 7 years I was on the Committee, I saw her at one meeting. In the 8-9 years I was a member of a local RWF club, I saw her twice. Contrast that to Carl DeMaio who was a consummate supporter and/or speaker. I have to think that was a consideration when the Committee members deliberated about her request for endorsement.

    2- Your residency was questioned by more than one person .

    3- You, and your wife, trafficked in false information, against an endorsed Republican candidate, in the 2018 election. I know you think that “it’s just politics” but what you did was wrong…REALLY wrong.

    You deliberately sent a robocall out with full knowledge that the accusations you made were proven false. If you want to keep this up, I will gladly do it. You did a bad thing, Mark but you don’t have to carry that burden of guilt with you forever. My advice is to apologize to Phil but I am sure you will keep your own counsel.

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