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Michael Crimmins’ Statement on CA-53

The second of three parts.  To see the other CA-53 candidate statements provided to SD Rostra in the last couple of days, as well as the several comments posted, click here.

By Michael Crimmins

I have spent my entire career as a dedicated public servant. Having retired as a Major in the Marine Corps, I served over 20 years from Vietnam though Desert Storm. Later, I invested over a decade in the future of our children, earning two Masters Degrees in Education and serving as both a teacher and a high school principal. I was honored to be the 2008 Republican nominee, which means that I have learned a lot about what works and what I ought to be doing, in order to be successful in 2010. It also means that I have established name recognition amongst the constituency, so I can focus much of my efforts on reaching out and meeting with the voters that I need to win over, rather than investing time in the primary on just the registered republican voters I can count on.

I have been vetted by the voters, the media and Susan Davis, as well as endorsed by national figures and elected officials ranging from Congressmen Duncan Hunter Sr., Barry Goldwater Jr., Tom Tancredo, State Senator Mark Wyland, Assemblymen Joel Anderson, Nathan Fletcher and Former Assembly Republican Leader George Plescia. I also have the support of many other national figures, members of Congress, local and national business leaders.

To increase my relationships within the district, I have also recruited Chairs and Co-Chairs amongst the many minority communities represented in San Diego including the Chaldeans, Hispanics, Filipinos, Koreans, Vietnamese and others, to support the campaign by reaching out to these important voters that are often ignored and left behind by both parties. Through hard work, we can gain the support and votes to compete against Susan Davis. Additionally, my experience as a teacher resonates and connects with many San Diegans, regardless of party. It has been a key factor in getting many democrats and independents to support my campaign, because they share my passion for education and other issues ranging from energy independence, to economic growth and fiscal responsibility. No member of Congress will find a constituent that agrees with them 100% of the time, but they do want to elect a Representative they can respect and honor with moral clarity.

When running for President, Ross Perot often said that “Talk is cheap. Words are plentiful. Deeds are precious.” Unlike many who run for office, my experience isn’t just a handful of words, empty rhetoric and an exaggerated resume. I am an experienced leader with decades of proven accomplishments. I am running for Congress because I saw a need to provide leadership and representation for San Diego and know that in 2010 we can defeat Susan Davis. I’m not running to boost my ego, nor because I need a job and definitely not to sell books. You can have full faith in knowing that I stand firm in my values and that I will serve and represent you as a public servant. I am an American first, a Conservative second and Republican third.

I’m going to be honest about this race. The manner in which this district has been gerrymandered and carved out still gives Susan Davis a 75% chance of winning in the General Election. The only way we yank this seat back into Conservative hands, is by waging a year long national campaign against Susan Davis and capturing the tremendous dissatisfaction being expressed by the voters in many forums. I have been doing that for the past two months. I can raise the money to compete with the Susan Davis half a million dollar war chest. I am on the phone daily with national leaders, members of Congress, former ambassadors, economic experts and business leaders.  I have a finance agenda in place to reach this goal and I am the only candidate that stands a chance to compete in getting the votes to narrowly defeat her. I have done the hard work and with your support, we can and we will win by electing a new representative to Congress who actually listens to San Diegans.


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