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McCann wins Survivor Sweetwater

Overturning her prior decision that embattled Sweetwater Union High School District Trustees Bertha Lopez and Jim Cartmill could remain on the school board after pleading to misdemeanors, Judge Ana España reversed the ruling today, thus leaving John McCann as the lone member.

Cartmill and Lopez have been suspended from the board pending sentencing.

Protocol I believe indicates the next step is the District seeking authority for the County Board of Education to appoint a couple of trustees.

The UT San Diego will have a more detailed story soon, I assume, if one isn’t posting while I write this.

More to follow. Undoubtedly.

Update 9:05 p.m. As of tonight, the District webpage shows the prior two vacated board seats, but it now includes two additional seats as “suspended,” thus confirming the previously reported information.

Ashly McGlone at the UT did have a story posted before mine went up. Here it is…

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