McCann Plays Chicken with SD GOP

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Chicken is a political/economical model of conflict for two players in game theory. It has its origin in a game in which two drivers head towards each other on a collision course. One must swerve or both may die, but if one driver swerves and the other does not, the one who swerved will be called “chicken,” meaning “coward.”

Last night in Chula Vista, City Councilman John McCann was the third vote for approval of a resolution to encroach on our natural right and inalienable right to bear arms. 

He was opposed by Republican Mike Diaz and Democrat Jill Galvez.

McCann is playing a game of chicken with the San Diego GOP and gambling that we will swerve on an idea constituted, put into legal form, by our Framers, the 2nd Amendment.

McCann is gambling that we care more about power than principle and betting we will swerve.

He is the same Chula Vista Councilman who voted for higher taxes.

Hello San Diego GOP. It’s your turn. 


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  1. Interesting post. And I personally agree with the author and commenter on the issue of the 2nd amendment and the intrusive government interference. But it is curious the theme was who “swerves” and it specifically states that “the one who swerved will be called ‘chicken,’ meaning ‘coward.’” It goes further to describe the councilman as “McCann is gambling that we care more about power than principle and betting we will swerve. He is the same Chula Vista Councilman who voted for higher taxes.” Hmmm, curious. Nice description of his background but why didn’t you mention that his bio also includes defending this nation in the Navy as both enlisted and a commissioned officer that includes a tour of Iraq? Trust me, this guy is very familiar with the second amendment. Oh, by the way…what branch of the military did the author and the person who made the first comment serve in?…Just saying…

  2. Mr. Voltaire,

    As someone who served, whose father served, whose brother served, whose three sisters served and numerous other relatives who served, we don’t care that Mr. Eric Anderson or Mr. Brian Brady served or not. We’ve served in the USN, Army and Coast Guard.

    Anyone who served understands we serve so Mr. Anderson and Mr. Brady can speak their minds freely and if the person they’re talking about has served, so what. We who served are not special, we’re Americans who happen to believe in defending the country or didn’t have direction and saw the military as a way to find one or at least to have a job. Whatever the reason we quickly realize our role in representing and defending the flag and everything it stands for.

    At times, we have a tendency to ignore the issue at hand over the supposed character of an individual. I would say, character traits – good and bad – of humans change over time. The man John McCann was when he served may not be – in this case I’d say likely isn’t – the man he is today.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard he’s a flip-flopping squish. Personally I don’t know him or have anything against him but the last two articles about him on this site raise legitimate concerns over his character and beliefs.

    Finally, every service member – enlisted or officer – will tell you, not everyone who served is a good person or good service member. Some are dirt bags. Some of those dirt bags make it a career as well. Some live up to the hero status we read about, while others quietly serve a full career, like a cop who never fires his weapon. In the end, we’re no different than any other American!

    Sadly, I served with members who had no clue about the Constitution, Amendments, Bill of Rights or whatnot. Just because he served doesn’t make him an expert on the Second Amendment.

  3. I just realized something Voltaire; I think that you believe the Second Amendment applies only to the Spartan class. I know this mindset all too well because it is prevalent on the East Coast. Back East, many LEOs and military veterans believe that the right to keep and bear arms must be “earned” by the membership in the Spartan Class.

    Do you believe the Second Amendment is an individual right which is to be secured by our government and its employees?

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