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As noted in the post below it looks like District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is in. The emails swirling around town this morning also mentioned that she hired GOP consultant Kevin Spillane from Sacramento to run her race. In the past Dumanis used Democrat consultant Jennifer Tierney, who is also the consultant for the Firefighter’s Union. Does this mean that the firefighters are backing Dumanis and that we should expect independent expenditures from them? Unknown.

Another interesting note is that the firefighters recently broke away from the the San Diego – Imperial Labor Council. That strikes a pretty hard blow to the Labor Council in terms of money available to spend. It would be worth reading why this split happened. Rumor is it was not a amicable divorce. One thought is that the Labor Council backs Congressman Bob Filner for San Diego Mayor. Filner has been on the phone quite a bit over the past few weeks rounding up support – so it’s probable that he’s in. If he is in would that mean State Senator “landslide” Juan Vargas runs for Congress? There has been some scuttle-butt, after Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s press conference with the unions last week, that he was labor’s pick. I find that pretty hard to believe.

Republican San Diego Councilman Kevin Faulconer has also been on the phone, putting his feelers out for support. As has Democrat State Senator Christine Kehoe. The word on the streets with Kehoe’s new interest is there is a “anyone but that SOB Filner” move within the Democrats. That wouldn’t be surprising since Filner is… difficult.


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  1. Lorena Gonzales was furious that the firefighters left the labor council. It sounds to me like there was a dust up over the direction of the labor movement in San Diego. Also the fire union president is short tempered.

  2. Re-post of my previous observation on a Dumanis run:

    One thing’s for sure — it would be one hell of a pay cut. Her current salary is somewhere around $240,739.20. The SD mayor gets about $100K.

    She’s held the DA job since 2004. Don’t know the total number of years he has with the county, or what her pension would be if she left in 2012.

    Another factor for Bonnie to consider — while there are now term limits for the SD County Supervisors, there are no such limits for the other elected offices — including hers. But if she wins the SD mayoral race, she is limited to 8 years in office.

    My advice? Dumanis should keep her DA job and deal with her political Jones through a personal blog. I can testify that the hours are quite flexible, the commute costs are zero, while the psychic income is priceless.


    P.S. Her run points out that people don’t need to be paid more to run for public office. She’s looking at taking a 60% pay cut to run for mayor, and she’s firmly entrenched IN a public office!

  3. Filner and Dumanis are both anti-gun rights. Dumanis participated in an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court in support of the gun ban in Washington D.C. that was struck down because of being horribly unconstitutional. She supported a GUN BAN, folks.

    The last thing we need is the mayor of a major U.S. city siding with the anti-gun crowd.

    Assemblyman Fletcher is NRA “A” rated. I do not know about Councilman DeMaio (yet).

  4. Did the Firefighters really make up a major part of the Labor Council’s payroll? Website says they have 192,000 members. How many did they lose when the San Diego City Firefighters split?

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