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Mayor’s Race: Booorrring

WARNING: This blog contains a large dose of snark.

2012 Mayor’s Race: Booorrring.

Ya, I said it. And I meant it.

All the hype around early races kills the enthusiasm with saturation.

In this case, it’s been just sheer overload.

In December, I traded calls with all the muckety mucks, reviewed all the uber early, virtually meaningless polls, gobbled up all the Albondigas straw polling and talked in circles with all the would-be Republican faces in the race (would more people declare already, really?).

And just five months later, I’m all done in.

It’s time for a good old-fashioned scandal. Or somebody at least throw jabs and I don’t mean just at Councilman Carl DeMaio – that’s also become a very tired game.

Alright, get to it. Stir the pot. Start some shenanigans. Isn’t this the same city that gave us Dick Murphy? Really, folks. Disappointed.

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