Mayor Todd Gloria Begins The Political Purge of People of Faith

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Mayor Todd Gloria Begins the Political Purge of People of Faith
by Amy Reichert

Imagine if you were an evil dictator and you could eliminate all of the free thinkers, the critical thinkers, dare I say “intellectuals” from positions in the military, universities, government, teaching, and even students in public schools?

Sound familiar? It is happening right now, right here in San Diego.

Who had segregated public schools on their COVID Bingo card?

Who could have imagined this dystopian nightmare world just two years ago? All of the “conspiracy theorists” raise your hand!

While some may be celebrating that the children of free thinkers will be segregated into their own schools, I will not. As someone who was raised Jewish with my own Bat Mitzvah speech focused on the horrors of what led up to the Holocaust, I say having segregated schools for the unvaccinated is not what it seems to be, and it is not a cause for celebration.

It is so hard to write this message during Thanksgiving week. After all, last year Thanksgiving and Christmas were stolen from us and we were even told not to sing and ordered to adhere to a nightly 10 p.m. curfew. Remember?

Thanksgiving is the time of year is when we slow down and reunite and celebrate with family. It is no coincidence that Todd Gloria, the Mayor of San Diego, is trying to pass a city ordinance on Monday, November 29 when everyone’s guard is down, in order to roll out his “Grinch Who Stole Christmas Plan” to ban people from free society who have not submitted to political mandates and fire them three weeks before the holidays.

Mayor Gloria also wants to ban people who have religious exemptions from holding office in the City of San Diego, from public Boards and Commissions, and from even volunteering for the city.

This is an attempt to purge people of Faith from the Public Square and public office.

Right now, we can’t even go to the San Diego City Council in-person to address them so they can see our faces and hear our voices, because they are using COVID to suppress the public outcry to pass their unconstitutional, cruel and heartless agenda!

We must not let this stand. We must not be silent in such a time as this.

Call the Mayor’s Office and City Council and tell them: “Do not vote for the Emergency Ordinance that would require elected officials to be vaccinated. Please preserve our democracy and do not exclude a whole group of people from holding office or working for the City of San Diego!”


Please copy and paste the emails below and send them all an email…,,,,,,,,,


Need some talking points? Feel free to copy and paste this to the emails:

“If you are really concerned about public safety, you should not fire any city workers who make a personal health decision to refuse the COVID shot. We can’t afford to lose almost 1/3 of our police force or any of our firefighters or other first responders. Please protect me and my family and the city of San Diego.”

200 pairs of boots were displayed at the ReOpen San Diego Protect The Protectors Rally on Friday, November 22, 2021, at Balboa Park. Over 1000 first responders will be fired if their religious exemptions are denied by Mayor Todd Gloria’s committee. Photo credit: John Cocozza Photography

SAVE THE DATE: Monday, November 29. ReOpen San Diego is planning an event to make a statement that Mayor Todd Gloria and his “yes city councilmembers” will hear our voices.

If you would like more information about ReOpen San Diego, go to


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  2. I’m with Mayor Gloria. The pandemic will never go away if we are not all vaccinated. Anyone remember polio? I do. How about Smallpox? Vaccines were the answer to keeping Americans safe and still are.

  3. Laurie

    And they weren’t optional and no one said they were unconstitutional. The COVID Vaccine Mandates are not the only mandates we live with every day: Seat belts, speed limits, helmet laws, even a mandate to wear clothes in public. Closer to the point, mandates for childhood vaccines if you want to attend public school.

  4. Want mandatory vaccines (or seat belts, etc.)? Then go through the legislative process. Enough is enough with petty dictators.

  5. Lou,

    The legislative process gave OSHA and Cal/OSHA the authority to regulate workplace safety and it was the legislative process that gave the Executive Branch (State and Local) the emergency authority for the mandates that they are imposing. If you want to take away that power, then, in your words, legislate it away.

  6. Todd you are proving you wish to change free thinkers & I hope San Diego still has enough votes to set this city back to common sense!

  7. So what these opposers are saying is basically “We don’t want you to force us into our own group but we want to force the vaccinated into having to send their kids with ours possibly risking exposure.” Sounds very hypocritical to me.

  8. One more example of the “I’m a victim” narrative of the right wing. You’re not being victimized, you are protecting those who are at risk through no fault of their own. Get over it and stop being so selfish!

  9. Lou,

    It doesn’t matter whether you or I think there is an emergency. The legislature voted that there was and they haven’t voted to rescind it. It was the legislatures that have given the executives the powers they are using. The legislature(s) can take that power away but until they do, there is no constitutional issue with these mandates any more than there are with the countless other mandates we live with to keep us and others safe.

  10. Thanks so much, Amy, for all that you and ReOpen San Diego are doing to save us from all the wanna-be tyrants like Todd Gloria and Nathan Fletcher. I have to say, several of the other comments on this page by hard core sheeple are more than a little bit frightening. “Just follow orders and everything will be fine,” they tell us, like all of the good Nazis did in Germany.

    We have a lot of work ahead of us to help our fellow citizens wake up from the propaganda-induced fear-based trance that they are in, automatically believing every single lie that comes out of that mass-murdering cult leader Fauci’s mouth, ready, even eager to “drink the Kool-Aid” whenever he demands it.

  11. Greg,

    “like all of the good Nazis did in Germany.” All I can say Greg is that no one from my side of the political aisle ever chanted “Jews will not replace us” or “Blood and soil.” Nor have we ever flown a flag deifying a Presidential candidate.

  12. Hypocrisy, your side of the aisle funded gain of function research, that has killed millions, conducted the American version of Kristallnacht during the Antifa/BLM riots, protests in front of the Supreme Court to continue the American “Action 14f13” on the unborn and provides a media who subscribe to Goebbels’ “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” and “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”

    What is really amazing is that your side of the aisle hammered the public with “show us your papers” rhetoric when you wanted to enable illegal immigration but now you want to “show us your papers” vis-a-vis vaccinations.

    If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

  13. Lou,

    Nice deflection. Please try to address my points without resorting to “whataboutism.”

    While I wait for that (but I won’t hold my breath), I will address one of yours. Vaccine cards are nothing new and have been required to join the military, become a first responder, and for students to enter public school for decades.

  14. Hypocrisy, so I assume you support presentation of a vaccination card to enter the United States?

    If it’s necessary to fly into US, or get into school, or keep your law enforcement/fire fighter job, then those walking across the Southern Border should be required also…correct? Or perhaps they fall under the Congressional/Legal branch/Postal Workers/etc. exemption.

    BTW, as a retired Marine I married to a retired Army Nurse I cannot recall anyone needing a vaccination card to enter the military. Maybe it’s something new.

  15. Lou,

    Again you resort to whataboutism and fail to respond to my point. Again, while I wait to for that, I will respond directly to you by letting you know that all of the former military I know were required to get multiple vaccinations in order to serve. I am quite sure that you were too. Thank you and your wife for your service. Respect and gratitude for our military is not a partisan issue.

  16. Our mayor is only doing what ‘we’ allow him to do. Americans have been ‘trained’ – thru public schools with their deliberate dumbing agenda – exposed in Charlotte Iserbyt’s book.
    We can’t unite against this globalist agenda since we are splintered in 25,000+ groups. The Democrats are in just 2 very well coordinated groups – Democrats clubs and the unions while the 25,000 conservative groups watch in silence.
    George Soros is pleased with the results from the efforts of his hundreds of NGO’s, non-profits, etc.
    We are all told to move past the 2020 election fraud and only focus on 2022 & 2024. Big mistake.
    just know that in 8 years from now- 2030 – The Great Reset’ will happen. From the World Economic Forum “You will own nothing and you will be happy”. Corporations are buying up ALL the homes in America then rent them out. Is that okay with you?

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