Mayor Bailey continues Everest adventure

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Following a week of illness and recovery, Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey continues his Everest summit quest. This was posted to his Facebook page today, Wednesday…

We’re back 🏔️

After a week delay due to illness, I arrived back in base camp around 12 pm today.

Within minutes of landing, the expedition leader said “pack your gear, you’re going up tonight.”

Am I 100%? No.

But if you waited to do anything until everything was JUST right, you’d never do it.

The winds at the summit have been hitting 100MPH without a break so lines still haven’t been installed. However, the weather is changing and a summit window is expected to open this weekend into early next week.

Since I haven’t completed my acclimatization rotations, it’s unlikely I’ll make this window as I still have to go all the way up to camp 3 and then come all the way back to base camp.

I’m behind schedule, but I’m definitely not out.

Pictured is my Sherpa. His name is Karma. I’m taking his name as a good sign. Between the blessing at the Monestary, two climbing Saints medals from my Aunt Vic, and a C4 Foundation shirt under all the layers, I’m feeling good.

Here we go again…

May 11 – We leave at 2 am to camp 1 (5.5 hours from now)

May 11/12 – Go up to camp 2 next day

May 12/13 – Up to camp 3 day after

May 13/14 – Come down to camp 2 and spend night

May 15 – Base camp

Rest a couple days.

Summit push. LFG.

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  1. Sending strength & good wishes for your continued success in achieving your goals.
    Via con Dios Richard

  2. Mr. Mayor,
    We are wishing you God’s speed and safety through the icefall, to the top and back down!
    Gregg and Janet Short
    Orange & 1st

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