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May Day rallies spark renewed immigration debate

Thousands of protesters attended rallies across the country in a renewed effort to bring illegal immigration reform front and center for the White House. There were no reports of violence, but several arrests had taken place including Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez and 40 others for civil disobedience outside the White House.

In San Diego the number of protesters at two rallies were far less than expected. At Chicano Park roughly 400-500 demonstrators watched the May Day festivities.

One San Diego resident, Leticia Singer said she came out to support the Latino community. “I’m originally from Mexico City, Mexico. I immigrated here legally 25 years ago,” she said. “I’m here to protest the new Arizona law because I think it is unjust.”

Keywords Singer uses are ‘immigrated legally.’ Most Americans don’t have a problem with legal immigration in fact they prefer those seeking to enter the country come through the ‘front door.’

Down the street another rally took place coined the ‘Pro American Rally.” These folks had fewer demonstrators as well as a different opinion on the immigration law in Arizona.

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