Marco Rubio Gains Establishment GOP Support With Issa Endorsement

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Once backed by tea party voters, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) snared an important endorsement from long-time House member and former Committee Chairman, Darrell Issa (R-Vista):

“Marco Rubio really is an exciting candidate, and I’m pleased to be able to endorse him and to work for him for the presidency.”

While Congressman Issa endorsed Rubio, he was careful to distance himself from Rubio’s desire to spy on American citizens:

“Issa also explained his disagreement with Rubio on the collection of metadata, which the senator had said should continue. The National Security Agency’s ability to collect bulk phone metadata expired over the weekend.”

Issa’s disagreement is genuine. This author had an opportunity to hear Congressman Issa explain his USA-PATRIOT Act vote and subsequent disapproval of the overreach of the National Security Agency this past Spring at the RPSDC Lincoln-Reagan Dinner featuring Senator Rand Paul. Issa explained that the USA-PATRIOT Act was never intended to build permanent databases of each citizen’s electronic communications.

This is a big deal for Rubio. Trump is still leading many polls, favored as the “anti-establishment” candidate, worrying many DC politicos that he might win the Republican nomination and damage the long-term image of the Republican Party. With Jeb Bush failing in the polls and getting sucked into a public fight with Trump, it’s no surprise that established Republican leaders will start backing another candidate. Rubio is thought to be more moderate than the other “anti-establishment” candidates, Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Marco Rubio broke ranks with the Republican Party on immigration reform some years ago. Rubio favored comprehensive immigration reform which included amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for foreign nationals, living illegally here. Most Republicans focused their immigration reform efforts on a secure border. Rubio disappointed many of his tea party supporters with his tepid opposition to Obamacare, votes to continue spending increases, and his more liberal approach to immigration reform.

This isn’t the first time Issa jumped into the fray early. Last year, Issa renounced Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s bid for California Governor. Issa chastised Donnelly for questioning why his opponent, Neel Kashkari, sponsored a financial conference about “Sharia Law-compliant lending,” when Kashkari was Treasury Secretary. Today, Donnelly is a radio host and California-based activist and Kashkari accepted a position, in Minneapolis, as a Regional President of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Expect more Establishment endorsements to come out for Rubio. Issa’s move tells me that the GOP Establishment is trying to crush Trump before Iowa. Bush’s campaign is on life support and Cruz is hated by the Establishment Republicans in DC. I think it will come down to Rubio vs Cruz into the convention.


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  1. Issa carries much respect for myself. I worked for Ross Perot, and I will say with conviction. Do Not Trust Trump. He is a sneak like Perot.

    In fact Trump has the same strategy as Perot did. Money and Media matter a lot. Ask Soros,ask Boone Pickens,ask Perot, and watch Donald give us the HILDABEAST for 8 more years.

    I have a goat ranch on the Sandy Creek watershed. I wonder if Perot like the Hunt brothers want to own the aquifer rights. Voters, Trump is dangerous. Perot gave us Clinton. Trump will deliver us his wife.

  2. Post

    ” I worked for Ross Perot, and I will say with conviction. Do Not Trust Trump. He is a sneak like Perot. ”

    Mike, in retrospect, do you think Perot intended to take down Bush and (more importantly), do you think Trump is one to take down the eventual GOP nominee?

    The Clintons were heavily invested in the 2013 Virginia Governor’s race and redeployed the right-leaning, third-party candidate approach there

  3. Rubio’s views on immigration are similar to that of Ron Reagan. He has a shot at beating Clinton certainly with the Hispanic vote.

  4. Issa is a good man. One can judge the merit of a politician by the staff that surround him. There are many men and women in our party that are moral standouts. Most here know Wilson, Reagan, Bilbray, etc.

    Money flowed with Perot. Of course he screwed Bush. When Perot dropped out the first round, many of the workers were wined and dined by the CLINTON Camp. Ed Rawlings ring a bell. Gergin? Jack and Nancy Flowers. Sorry I was a young kid and it was so exciting.

    Back to Issa. If Rubio looks good to Issa. Well my faith is in Issa. I now read there is some heavy duty IDAHO money comming in. If Issa can bring in a swiftboat from Malta, who knows what he can bring in for 2016.

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