Luce Lady and Polemist Ann Coulter To Be Fearless and Informative at UCLA

Gabriella HoffmanGabriella Hoffman


There’s nothing better than hearing Ann Coulter speak and educate the Youth about the evils and woes of liberalism.

Provocative, insightful, and fiery, Coulter is a magnificent orator and communicator. She simply says it all, and without any hesitation in doing so. Liberals hate her, conservative rave about her, and consumers readily read/buy her books, allowing her to climb the ranks of the New York Times Bestseller’s list every time she comes out with a new book.

My family and I had the pleasure of seeing her at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, Ca back in February 2009, and could not have asked for a better event! She was magnificent, inspirational, funny, and charming. This was when she first came out with Guilty, which I basically read and divulged a lot from after she signed my family’s copy. I had the chance to chat with her too for the second I could as curators were rushing us to move forward so others could have her sign their copies. I told her a funny comment, and prior to that, she enjoyed the fact that I, as a young conservative/Republican, was out there to come to her event along with my sister. That was a day I could never forget, the day that one of my many dreams came alive. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities where I could talk with Ms. Coulter in the future if afforded the chance.Interestingly enough, when I applied to UCLA and attempted to fill out a scholarship essay, I was asked which individual I would like to have a lunch/dinner with. I replied: Ann Coulter. Hence,  why I didn’t get in there…Now, UCLA allows her the chance to speak, even with its entrenched liberalism? Interesting…

Conservative heroine Ann Coulter is to grace her presence in Southern California on March 31st, 2010 at UCLA at a lecture held by the Bruin Republicans. Following her presence at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s Western Women’s Summit at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, March 26-27th, 2010, Coulter will make her awaited appearance at the UC campus, and wow audiences.

If you are interested in seeing her speak at UCLA, go to:!/event.php?eid=366074341099&ref=mf

The event is free, runs from 7-9pm at the listed room at UCLA. I I encourage you to go, you will seriously be moved!!!!

Note: Ms. Coulter is ill and is rescheduling to appear at UCLA  in two weeks.