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Lorena – Just say ‘No’ to Corporate America and Big Pharma

One of the greatest threats to our pursuit of happiness are the irrational doses of fear du jour being served in our media diets. I can’t think of a more effective tool for destroying the American ideal of limited government than “fear”.  Whether it’s an irrational fear of ISIS or an irrational fear of Ebola or an irrational fear of  ISIS members with Ebola we seem to be hopelessly vulnerable to the progressive siren song of “If you want security and protection you must give up your freedom.”

Enter Dr. Richard Pan (D), a pediatrician and state senator representing parts of Sacramento and Yolo Counties and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez who are using the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland (See Rahm Emanuel Playbook: never let a crisis go to waste) to take away another freedom – a parent’s right to exempt their child from a vaccination. If SB 277 is signed into law parents will be forced to vaccinate their child before attending a public or private school. This legislation is being brought to you by the same entity that is placing a priority on bullet trains over water reservoirs.

Never mind the contradiction of how an unvaccinated child poses a risk to a vaccinated one. Never mind that nobody died from the Disney “crisis”.  Never mind valid parental concerns of higher incident rates of autism, allergies and other maladies. Never mind that while healthy children with the right genetic makeup might eliminate the known neurotoxins of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde that there is a subgroup of genetically susceptible children who cannot. These individuals are genetically “hyper-susceptible” to vaccine damage.

SB 277 makes no mention of this genetic susceptibility, nor does the law require the state to conduct genetic screening of children before subjecting them to potentially dangerous vaccines. Parents of children who suffer from these genetic vulnerabilities are being forced by the California legislature in an aggressive, corporate-constructed campaign to coerce all children into being vaccinated.

Sen. Pan co-authored SB 277 on behalf of the public school system. The same public school system whose students are daily outperformed by home school children to the tune of 37 percentage points, with the latter operating on just 5 percent of the comparable resources. Instead of sacrificing inherent rights for progressive ones, perhaps we should try the reverse?

Senator Joel Anderson, alternatively, is once again demonstrating he is still inspired by the old fashioned ideas that many of us still hold dear. On Tuesday, Anderson was the lone figure on the Senate Judiciary Committee challenging the Democrats, big pharma and the fear mongers from further encroachment on our freedoms.

The right of parents to raise up, educate and care for their children predates all courts and schools and was already understood and acknowledged long before the United States came into existence.

Senator Pan and Assemblywoman Gonzales, please “Just say ‘No’.”


Eric Andersen is a member of the Central Committee of the San Diego County Republican Party and is the Co-Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego County and In 2012 he was the Rock Church Citizen of the Year. He holds other crazy ideas like chocolate doesn’t make you fat, it just makes your clothes shrink and the moon is still made of cheese.

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