Local GOP: Republican County Supervisors Attack Political Party Contributions!

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From the Republican Party of San Diego…


County Supervisor Ron Roberts is attacking our Party and its ability to participate in the political process by making direct contributions to its endorsed county candidates.

From what I’ve been able to gather, both Greg Cox and Dianne Jacob are IN SUPPORT of this infringement on the Free Speech rights of political parties.

We expect this from Democrats, but this thrust is coming from fellow Republicans, one that we helped and endorsed last year, and two who are up for re-election in 2016!

I never thought I would have to write an email like this.

The proposal will drive money in politics underground and benefit public employee labor unions at the expense of broad based, transparent, and democratically elected political parties. And it’s being pushed by Republicans!?

You should know that we were never consulted nor given a heads-up. This just showed up with little notice. This is a rush job and a cynical play no doubt orchestrated by Tom Shepard to weaken our Party.

Vice Chairman Ron Nehring wrote a great OpEd about this earlier today on the FlashReport. PLEASE READ IT:

San Diego County Prepares Rule To Force Campaign Money Underground


You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to. Just being there will make a difference. Please let me know ASAP if you can come!

If you cannot make it would you please call them FIRST THING IN THE MORNING or EMAIL THEM RIGHT NOW and tell them to table this ill advised proposal?

Greg Cox, District 1
Tel: (619) 531-5511
Email: greg.cox@sdcounty.ca.gov

Dianne Jacob, District 2
Tel: (619) 531-5522
Email: dianne.jacob@sdcounty.ca.gov

Ron Roberts, District 4
Tel: (619) 531-5544
Email: ron.roberts@sdcounty.ca.gov

Thanks. We’ve worked too hard to advance Republican ideals to have our fellow Republican County Supervisors undermine us.

Tony Krvaric
CHAIRMAN (volunteer)
Republican Party of San Diego County

PS. Instead of thoroughly studying the issue, involving the affected parties, they are rushing this through AND TRYING TO CHANGE THE RULES WHILE THE 2016 CAMPAIGN IS ALREADY UNDERWAY. This is no way to run government and we should expect more from our Republican elected officials!


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  1. Interesting tactic and very short sighted. It says something about the character of people who want something like an endorsement when it works in their favor and change the rules if it doesn’t help them now. I will remind voters on voting day, hope all Freedom loving people do the same.

  2. It is interesting that my comment below which I posted on FB under the County Republican Party Chair’s post of pictures of mail pieces that went out, in reference to this matter, somehow struck a nerve and all comments were deleted and the pictures of said mail pieces can no longer be shared.

    My comment:
    Umm…question? The “Union Bosses” just helped to elect Shield and Woods to the Grossmont Union High School District Board and they have been publicly thanked at Board meetings by Kelly. So, can these three Republicans have it both ways; use the unions and then stand with the Party in this latest effort to call them shady?

  3. Hi Brian, I don’t believe there should be any infringement of free speech or the exercise, thereof, other than what is Constitutional. I was not addressing that main point but a secondary point made in the articles written. I just find it disingenuous to use the unions, and use them like these Republicans did, and then stand with the Party that calls them shady. P:)

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