SD Rostra

Live Blogging the Mayoral Debate

Excited to be live blogging today’s SOLD OUT (Wow and congrats!) Mayoral debate at the Town and Country. According to the wonderful daily updates from the registrar, 30% to 35% of votes have already been cast as of SATURDAY. Not sure we will hit the magic 50% number for mail in ballots but it is going to be close.

Everything I am hearing is that Carl has locked down one of the top 2 spots (and likely the top one). This debate is all about Nathan somehow trying to stop Filner from locking down the other spot. The question is how. Does he go on the attack? Well that undercuts the “plays well with others” narrative. Stay above the fray? Well that probably means he doesn’t get any earned media out of this one – or at least anything that changes the race. Look Mayoral and hope? Well hotel ballrooms often don’t have great lighting or sound for TV so I am not sure the images will be great.

This is a hard one. It may be too late. I think in many ways they boxed themselves in with the narrative on this one – not thinking through what they would do if they needed to beat BOB and not Carl for spot #2 – which admittedly in January seemed a less likely scenario.

Bonnie? Well this is the challenge of really getting going three months too late. I thought she has been “on” during the most recent debates, like her TV and her message in the media is getting crisper. But at this point the die has been cast (along with a third of the ballots). Time, the one commodity candidates never have enough of.

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