Lincoln Club Endorses DeMaio for Mayor

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Lincoln Club Endorses DeMaio for Mayor


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  1. Hopefully the Congressional Socialist Caucus will in turn endorse Bob Filner — its longtime guiding light.

    Wait. “Socialist” is to revealing a term. The Socialist Caucus (yes, an actual entity like the Congressional Black Caucus) wisely changed their name of the caucus to the Congressional PROGRESSIVE Caucus.

    My abject apologies to my close friend Bob Filner. We should NEVER connect Filner with his Socialist history (and his family’s COMMUNIST activist history). That would be unfair.

    After all, doubtless the Filner supporters will take the high road in publicizing the attributes of Carl DeMaio. We should follow their example when detailing Filner’s characteristics.

    Indeed we should.

  2. Richard you sound so much like Ross Perot, at times. This is a time. Filner must be gritting his teeth right about now.
    Lets get real Rider. Prosperity is Filner. Obama has his second term sown up. I know you have never served your country, at least in a uniform. San Diego is Navy…..period……..So goes Navy so goes San Diego. My grandpa was landing PBYs in the Harbor when your daddy was ….What, who is your daddy?…

    Vets love Filner. Navy loves Filner. Your little man complex will not vex Filner. Your communist slurs are no more damning than calling Nick P. a Hegalian eclectic.

  3. Mike Earl, it’s always great to hear from clueless, factually ignorant liberals who can offer only silly slurs in rebuttal. “Prosperity is Filner”??!! I’m going to have to save that one.

    Glad to know I never wore a military uniform. I must have served in some parallel universe. You, of course, are Rambo, because your GRANDPA served in WWII?? Wow!!

    Navy loves Filner??? Vets love Filner???? LOL!!!!

    Is this posting your best rebuttal? I presume you were high last night when you got to the keyboard. SURELY you can do better.

  4. ” I know you have never served your country, at least in a uniform.”

    Commander Rider, SC, USNR (Ret) served 4 years active duty and 22 years in the reserves.

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