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Lightner Says She is Yes on Prop B

U-T San Diego reporter Jen Kuhney, apparently writing a story on City Council District 1, sent out a surprising tweet earlier:

@jenkuhney: .@SherriLightner said she supports the pension reform ballot measure “but the devil is in the details.”

The Ellis campaign was quick to respond…

Ray Ellis’ Statement on Sherri Lightner’s Stance on Proposition B:

“Sherri Lightner has opposed pension reform every step of the way. I led the way for reform on the Pension Board and worked with my colleagues to bring transparency and accountability to city government. One of the reasons I am running for Council is Sherri’s failure to support reform efforts, and today is no different. District 1 voters want, and deserve, someone who will tackle our fiscal issues, not talk about them in an election year.”

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