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Let’s be honest. Let’s be truthful. And let’s be direct.

Yesterday many of you received an anonymously mailed packet of materials.  The sender cowardly hid behind an obscure PO Box and untraceable name, but we all know who was responsible for this—Carl DeMaio.

It is fine to call into question someone’s record – I fought in a war, I can defend my record and look forward to a spirited campaign about our city’s future.

But, let’s not play adolescent games and be cowardly about it.

Let’s be honest.  Let’s be truthful.  And let’s be direct.

DeMaio is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Here are the facts:

1. Taxpayer ratings: DeMaio has raised this issue several times in debates, but continues to ignore the facts.  My score was largely based on my support for legislation that protected California based businesses by ending a corporate tax loophole that only benefited out-of-state companies.  The legislation would have permanently cut taxes on California small businesses.  I will take a low score from any organization to stand with California small businesses.  You can see a column on this issue written by a member of this committee:  You can also see an exchange between DeMaio and myself on this topic

But at least I’m consistent.  Carl DeMaio says he is against higher taxes.  But read this link here to see DeMaio‘s support for a billion-dollar tax increase:

2. Family values: Family values are very important to me. As a married father of two, I take very seriously my commitment to my wife and children.  As a Christian of strong faith, I take seriously my commitment to God. However, I do not believe it is the role of government to legislate religion and impose our moral values.  That is the role of the institutions of family and faith.  We have looked to government for too much intervention in people’s individual freedoms and personal lives.  Please know and appreciate that I am consistent in this position—regardless of what community I am speaking to and how it might affect a scorecard.  I know from conversations with many of you that Carl Demaio tells you he will never advocate or push social issues related to sexual orientation.  However, this doesn’t square with the statements and commitments he makes in other communities.  Like or dislike my positions, I have always been upfront, honest, and straightforward.

My record is one that I am proud of.  Here are a few highlights:

1. I have never voted for a tax increase

2. I led by example taking a 26% pay cut, have no pension, not even a 401k.  DeMaio refused to take a 6% pay cut that he voted to impose on others.  That isn’t leadership.

3. I have consistently stood up to labor — I have one of the lowest labor scorecards

4. I have been endorsed by Governor Pete Wilson, Joel Anderson, Mark Wyland, Martin Garrick, and the California Small Business Administration

5. I have one of the best records in the assembly: Authored Chelsea’s Law, passed regulatory relief, protected California jobs, and fought for local infrastructure funding.

6. I fully support the Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative, support the ban on project labor agreements, and have taken the no tax pledge.

We deserve a Mayor who will be honest and not hide behind anonymous surrogates and PO Boxes.  I look forward to Saturday’s debate and discussion.

I’ll put my record of consistently siding on behalf of taxpayers against every candidate in this race.

But, I will man up and do it myself. Feel free to respond directly to me or call me any time if you have a question.

Our party deserves better.  You deserve better.

Semper Fidelis,

– Nathan

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