Leo Hamel eyeing State Assembly seat

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Updated 3/9/16 with a quote from Leo Hamel

Yesterday Michael Harrison announced he was ending his bid for the 71st Assembly District seat, potentially leaving Santee Mayor Randy Voepel as the clear front runner in the contest to succeed a term-limited Brian Jones.

But, today jeweler Leo Hamel — also a Republican — pulled nomination papers at the Registrar of Voters, with just days to spare before this Friday’s filing deadline.

Hamel, a well-known face on local TV with his Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry ads, often including his family, has long been considered a potential East County candidate.

“As a native of San Diego, business owner and father of three I am concerned about the community my children are going to grow up in,” said Hamel. “This is not the time to point fingers. This is a time for taking responsibility. I want to be an example of what I am going to expect from other business leaders in our state. I am going to Sacramento to represent my neighbors in East County by boldly defending and upholding ideas that will reform and bring prosperity back to our state. I want to do some something bold for San Diegans. I hope you’ll join me.”


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  1. To say Leo is passionate about limited government and free markets would be an understatement. Very few are more passionate than myself. He might be one. There is a bold color before us. No pale pastel here.

    He will be joining us at the Republican Liberty Caucus event on Thursday.

  2. “He will be joining us at the Republican Liberty Caucus event on Thursday.”

    Then we have more business on our agenda than we thought.

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