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Lawmaker pay cuts legal, commission boss insists

I’m in utter amazement reading that there are elected officials (“Legislature’s top administrators”) in Sacramento that are protesting the 18% pay and benefit cuts that have been proposed by the California Citizens Compensation Commission. First off all, if these elected officials can’t handle this cut, then resign or don’t run for reelection. No one is forcing you to stay. Second, look at the fiscal mess that Sacramento is in. These elected officials are the ones that can’t solve it (“Borrowing” from cities and counties and making them suffer so Sacramento can balance their budget isn’t leadership). Third, I’d like to suggest at least an 18% cut in pay and benefits for all elected officials, starting from Congress, down to the local school board. Just look at the perks and benefits they get. Do they REALLY deserve it????

Here are some other “perk” I’d like to see modified:

1) Fly coach. If they want to upgrade, then let them pay for it out of their personal pocket

2) Drive sub compacts. If they want to drive something bigger, then let them pay for it out of their personal pocket.

3) Conferences. All in state and in places that the average citizen could afford to go to.

4) Medical and retirement benefits. Most elected officials get them, so let’s make sure that it is the same as what government employees get. Being a government employee, I have to pay for my medical, dental and retirement. But then, a past government employer paid for all of that and also provided some great retirement benefits. Maybe that is something we should look at too.

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