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La Mesa Councilmember Alessio leaves GOP for “decline-to-state” — A brief interview

La Mesa Councilmember Kristine Alessio, known by many as a conservative local pol, may have surprised a few people with her Facebook post last night, along with the pictured graphic… 

“I’m out of the Republican Party. I’ll never be pro choice, never be against the second amendment but I cannot stand with anyone who will not say no to racism and prejudice. Count me as decline to state and in favor of liberty.”

In the ensuing Facebook discussion she expanded on her disdain for Donald Trump…

“…because he is not a Republican, anyone with true conservative beliefs should be willing to call him out on his crap, yet most just sit there, ignoring him, hoping some policy of his will somehow fit with their beliefs. He’s abased Republican leaders with insults and threats, insulted them, insulted their wives, this is not in any way shape or form a person who should be protected by the Republican Party.”

SD Rostra reached out to the second-term Councilmember with some questions:

Other than what you’ve said on Facebook, is there anything else you’d like to add about changing to DTS?

“Here’s what I wrote in my resignation Letter as an alternate to the central committee: ‘Given the events of the past few days and our Party’s inability or unwillingness to squarely denounce President Trump for his divisive comments, which have been widely condemned by every true conservative mind, from Bill Kristol to Charles Krauthammer. It is impossible to see our party as the party of Lincoln or Reagan, a truly Conservative party. I cannot with clear conscious continue to be a registered Republican.

‘I will continue to support qualified conservative candidates, remain pro life, a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, be against taxation without representation, against big government, among other conservative issues.

‘However, I will not be associated with a party that has descended to defending tribalism, divisiveness and profound indecency.'”

Are you still considering running for County Supervisor?

“I am considering running for Supervisor, but have made no decision. I would only do it with support from our current Supervisor (Dianne Jacob) and I’ve never mentioned it to her as it’s three years away and many things change. So while I am considering it, it’s just a consideration at this point. If the Republican Party ever returns to sanity, I’d run as a Republican.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I will also add that I’ve never received any money from the Party, have paid my own way in two elections and they’ve in turn received a lot of financial support from me. I won’t give them money anymore but will continue to financially support qualified Republican candidates. I will also continue to support qualified Democrat candidates as I have done in the past and qualified DTS candidates.”

Rostra thanks Alessio for responding.

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