Krvaric’s Overt Power Grab at RPSDC

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West Point and the Army taught me a lot about leadership.   Good leaders are concerned about their organization and its members. Good leaders listen.  Good leaders are up front and of solid character.  Which of these two scenarios is an example of good leadership?

#1 Chairman Tony Krvaric calls me and says he notices that I’ve missed a few central committee meetings. By the by-laws Section 2.01.04, it says these are inexcusable unless it’s because of illness or if a member is temporarily out of the county.  I’m out for Army Reserve duty a lot. Tony asks if I’m doing okay or if my Army Reserve duty is taking up too much time.


#2 Rumors begin to spread that I may be kicked off the committee for attendance. Tony never calls me.  Tony then declares a vacancy without checking the illness or out of county clause in the bylaws. Tony also doesn’t follow the by-laws and unilaterally declares my position vacant, has no announcement at the committee meeting, and removes my name from the website.  All with no notification, verbal or written.  Tony never attempts to contact me or have my Caucus Chair contact me. Contrary to the by-laws he declares the position vacant on his own.

If Scenario #1 happened, I might have said “Thanks, Tony. The Reserves are taking a lot of time; who do you think should replace me?”   However, Tony did Scenario #2, which in my opinion is bad leadership.  When I asked Tony about this, he didn’t acknowledge he did wrong and tried to correct it. Instead, he doubled-down and condescendingly talked down to me and told me “he made his decision and I’m off.”  After that I thought, is this really who leads San Diego Republicans? Is this what San Diego Republicans deserve in leadership?

Is politics dirty? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be especially WITHIN our party and to fellow Republicans.   From West Point to the Army, I always sought service in organizations that are honorable and that I can be proud of. 
I was elected to this position by thousands of voters and now Tony has unilaterally removed me for doing Army Reserve duty. I don’t know what Tony Krvaric is up to, but he is aiming to do something and doesn’t want some committee members in the way. After this experience, I can’t look voters and my kids in the eye and say that the RPSDC isn’t a swamp.


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  1. Isn’t it against the law to let someone go from a job for military service? Am I wrong?

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