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    Ron Roberts is not running for Mayor. Carl DeMaio’s announcement is in a few seconds. Todd Gloria’s is at noon.

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    Matt Hall: “What we now know: Carl DeMaio reads U-T San Diego editorials, listens to GOP leaders in town.

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    Erica Holloway on DeMaio ‏”I’ve called you all here today to tell you… nothing has changed. Questions?”

  6. That decision, DeMaio not running for mayor, tells me all I need to know why he shouldn’t be a congressman (that was a poor decison). Even socially conservative republicans could tacitly rally behind Mr. DeMaio because he would have been the choice candidate to clean up or fiscal woes and issues her in SD…the one pillar of the four republicans can rally behind him..Fiscal responsibility.

    However, it will be a wonderful litmus test for Republicans, especially the SD Republican leadership, where they fall on the Republican platorm as it is defined by the National party…For all those prepared to support DeMaio…take a big whiff, and brace for impact…we know where Mr. DeMaio stands on Republican issues..the big question is…WHERE DO YOU?

    Thousands of registered San Diegan 52CD voters are watching too

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    Barry Jantz: “Politico based its knowledge DeMaio would run for mayor on an unnamed source close to the campaign. Apparently not.”

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    What we wrote of Politico article last week: “To be clear, the Politico article cites a ‘source with direct knowledge’ of DeMaio’s decision … That could be someone with direct knowledge, or someone Politico thinks has direct knowledge.”

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    Kevin Faulconer: “Carl DeMaio put San Diego first today. Carl’s leadership will be put to good use in Congress, and he continues to have my full support.”

  11. WTF is up with Fletcher’s hair in his new video? Does becoming a Dem require re-styling oneself after a Fred Armisen character in Portlandia (Peter, in this case)?

    Good god.

  12. The real question after all the jockeying going on is the following.
    Can any of these people provide good governance, fix the fiscal and pension mess/abuse and lead by example with little personal drama getting in the way of leadership.
    This has been more of a soap opera than a credible political city for many, many months.

  13. Should we be surprised???

    “SAN DIEGO, California, October 28, 2008 ( – Members of the San Diego City Council voted 6-2 to declare the city officially opposed to Proposition 8, the hotly contested ballot initiative designed to protect the true definition of marriage in California.

    Council members Toni Atkins, Kevin Faulconer, Donna Frye, Ben Hueso, Jim Madaffer and Scott Peters opposed the ballot measure in Monday’s vote.”

    And yet, Faulconer, and others, will court and pretend to be Republicans as they completely ignore core-Republican precepts for easy and “popular” political expediency.

    In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “I did not leave the Democratic Party…the Democratic Party left me…”

    Thousands of Republicans in the 52CD are beginning to feel that way about the Republican party…

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    Right, Todd Gloria is not running for mayor. Faulconer will announce he’s in tomorrow. With Gloria out, David Alvarez and Lori Saldana have to be thinking hard. Donna Frye may want to reconsider.

  15. Ronald Reagan also said that status quo was Latin for “preserving the mess we are in.”
    Are we only going to get recycled, inside, bought and paid for candidates?
    Are they no former CEO types who can bring a clean start to fixing the obvious problems that the City of San Diego has endured over the last years?
    An individual who can come at it with a fresh perspective and new ideas?
    Perhaps we are stuck with the insiders who want to feather their public sector pensions and go for the “Triple Dip” and I am not talking Baskin Robbins.

  16. John – problem is that the “former CEOs” have not been a proven hit with the voters. Shame but that is the way it is.

    FF – I do not consider Prop 8 the litmus test. I guess to each his own but as long as the government is in the marriage business it was bad law.

    All – it will really surprise me (but my crystal ball broke long ago) if the dems/labor is able to keep the field clear for Fletcher.

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    SAN DIEGO – Local Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric today issued the following statement concerning the special San Diego mayoral election:

    “We are pleased that Councilman Kevin Faulconer is considering running for Mayor. He is a centrist leader in proud San Diego tradition with broad appeal and an established track record of service to our City. He would be a great mayor.”

    “The Republican Party of San Diego County will consider an endorsement in the race for mayor at its next meeting on Monday, Sept. 9 at 7 pm at the Town & Country Hotel in Mission Valley.”

  18. Perhaps not a good litmus test for political expediency, but a good one on gauging one’s perspective and position on the National Party Platform…you know, the Republican Party Platform??…The Party of Lower Taxes, Smaller Government, strong National Defense, Free Market, Right To Life, Traditional Marriage…

    But for San Diego Republican Leaders, those last two…they just get in the way…my fear is, what others in the future will fall to the same fate and “just get in the way” of false pragmatism?
    A very slippery slope, kids….

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  20. FF – and THAT is precisely why the California GOP is hovering right at 30% registration in a state with a long and proud “libertarian lite” tradition. Just ridiculous. Problem is that NO GOP member EVER toes the party line completely. Enjoy your party of 1.

  21. Erik,

    I was born in the state of Reagan, Deukmejian, Wilson..heads of our party in this once proud Republican state…it fell from grace, not because of strong democrats, but because of weak republicans

    We are at 30% because of Republicans like the SD Party Leaders think they can out “left” the left…out “progressive” the progressives..out “special interest” the special interests.

    Conviction…without it, we become Nathan Fletcher…and why thousands are leaving the state every month…they see no hope, inspiration, or dedication from a Party that abandons them when it needs to have said conviction. Enjoy your state of Denial. (formerly known as the Golden State)

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    Quote of the day from regular Rostra contributor Michael A. Schwartz, in referencing DeMaio’s decision after what must have been quite a weekend of jockeying: “I wish I was positioned so well politically that second place meant being forced to go win a congressional election.”

  23. re: politico and demaio allegedly running.

    I heard from “unnamed sources” that, Mark Fabiani, Ronne Froman, Trevor Hoffman, Megan McCain and Tony Hawk are all considering running for mayor.

    also note to bloggers. If you want your postings read. keep them pithy. Long diatribes will get over looked.

  24. Founding Fathers,


    Pete Wilson opposed Prop 13 when he was Mayor of San Diego and then raised taxes as Governor, not to mention that he was a supporter of a woman’s right to choose when it came to abortion. That, and it was his pushing of Prop 187 that the California Republican Party has not yet recovered from. Is that the Wilson you are referring to?

  25. Great point HQ…yes, the same one…he became a weak Republican, by trying to out left the left, out “progress” the progressives.

    I couldn’t have illustrated that exact point better myself.

  26. (apparently my last comment didn’t post)

    Precisely…Great point! Wilson is a perfect example of what happens when Republicans become weak…although I am not sure the opposition of Prop 13 was a “bad” thing…since its passing, California schools went from 8in the late 60s and early 70s in quality to 48th…and raising taxes for any Republican can be hazardous…and it’s in keeping with lowering or at least dampening tax rates…and 187 was a noble thing for the residents of California…it was captured and immediate demonized by the left and racial-identity politicos as being a xenophobic agenda…when all decent and hard working Californians wanted was reform in the entitlement system that was, and is, bleeding our state to death.

    But yes, that Pete Wilson…an excellent example of what happens to unprincipled Republicans…
    Good catch!!

  27. Business acumen and private sector job growth are what is needed to fix the problems of SD and CA. The only thing that the “go along to get along” and “revolving door” crowd has brought us is debt and bloated bureaucracies.
    I remember when CA was the “shining state on the hill”, plenty of jobs in the semiconductor world and lots of exports from products, designed, manufactured and tested here in CA.
    Unless you restore the stepladder economy here in CA, the state will continue to follow the path of IL and NY down the dumper with high debt and public sector pension obligation.

  28. FF,

    Prop 13 was not the downfall of California Schools nor the government’s budget. Since it’s passage, property tax revenue (limited by Prop 13) has increased more than income tax revenue (not effected by Prop 13).

    Also, I was hoping you would address Wilson’s pro-choice position. I think our memory fades over time and our heroes become more heroic, but the reality is that we have probably never had an elected official who adhered fully to their party’s political platform (neither Republican nor Democrat).

  29. Mr. Stahl,

    You are spot on! Our Rebulican politicians have to produce the regulatory, fiscal, and commercial envoronment in order for that business acumen and private sector job growth to succeed. Where some of our “reformer” friends do not complete the sentence, is they usually require politicians with moral principle and conviction. People who demostrate a calibar of both moral and governance conviction. In addition, we always hear the “Progressive Republicans” telling the rest of us we need to be “more inclusive.” Yet, as Mr. DeMaio adroitly illustrated today in his press release, they are NOT willing to include a large faction of those that hold to the very moral, philpsophical, and political convictions that they either tacitly ignore, or in Mr. DeMaio’s, and Mr. Faulckoner (Opposing Prop 8, thus opposing the will of the majority of Californias, many of those, Republicans) outright ignore and actively countermand members within their own Party in exchange for the idea they will out “left” the left in the feign attempt to appear “inclusive.”

  30. Crossing my fingers that the Rep candidate can overcome lack of name recognition – Fletcher has plenty for whatever it is worth with low information voters.

  31. HQ,

    Agreed…however I think there is considerable evidence to show the parallels to Prop 13 and the precipice downfall of the CA public school system…but for another debate perhaps…

    Would you stipulate the GOP had some better than others?
    Ronald Reagan, Jeb Bush, John Kaiscik, Mitch Daniels, Bobby Jindahl, Rick Perry (in Texas)…among others that are more Republican than not in both word and deed?

  32. FF,

    Perhaps, but even the sainted Reagan raised taxes, signed an amnesty bill and pulled our Marines out of Beirut (some would call this cut and run) when their barracks were hit with a terrorist attack.

    The advantage of being a candidate is that you can say that you will be 100% true to any abstract principle or theory. An elected official, on the other hand, learns very quickly that living up to those promises is not only impossible, it is often unwise.

  33. Channel six anounced that mike aguirre is running for mayor. Can somebody confirm this.

  34. Hypocrisy,

    Fiscal sanity and restoring private sector jobs are not abstract principles or theories. Standing up to the extortionist demands of the public sector unions is not a principle that has to be ignored once elected. Those principles are called leadership and good governance.

  35. HQ,
    Yes, agreed…however we didn’t like what Reagan did in those instances…we didn’t “praise” him because he did those things…they are what people, like yourself, raise to counter the “saintliness” of him…
    DeMaio, and Faulconer start off as “damaged” goods, in that neither espouse key core-Republican tenets, and try to craft a narrative and the illusion of big “R” philosophy, but essentially have the same core-belief on key core issues as Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer, and Joe Biden.
    Hardly the stuff Republicans are made of.

  36. John,

    Actually, fiscal sanity is an abstract principle and means different things to different people and there are many different theories on how to create more private sector jobs. The bottom line is that the world is not black and white and maybe we would be better served electing politicians who understand that.

  37. Not “black or right”, HQ, but “right and wrong”…that is how we would be better served…and that fundamentally is a moral question. What is clear is many members within the current SD Republican construct lack the fortitude and conviction to define what right and wrong is…
    The Republican Party, via its platform has….alas, there are those that do not like the clarity of it, and would prefer to wallow in the grayness of it all.
    There is precedence for a “gray” approach…its name is “Nathan Fletcher.”

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    Joe: Yes, Aguirre is running for mayor, we had it on Friday, on both our Facebook page and here…

    Since it was heading into the long weekend, Aguirre’s “announcement” did not get good coverage with the MSM.

    As it stands:

    Faulconer (announcement today)

    Emerald (she seriously made an announcement)

    IN PLAY…

    Peter Navarro

  39. FF,

    My final comment on the subject:

    Your right is somebody else’s wrong and while candidates can cater to their base, elected officials have to govern for all.

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  41. Thanks for the discussion, HQ…you are good person with a passion for discourse..and I applauded that.

    True, it is a gut- check…it requires conviction…in either case.
    I’m willing to forgo the “advocating” for one particular approach…what I am simply asking the SD Republican Party leadership to do is pick an approach, be transparent with it, and stop pandering to thousands of voters that have chosen their “right” within what they believe is that of their party’s core beliefs. If that isn’t what is believed anymore, then have the temerity to be honest and open about it.

    “Centrist” as one of the last SD Republican Party Press releases referred to is not the conviction the Party needs to Display…in either direction.

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