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  1. I don’t think it’ll help him, and it could hurt him. Most Republicans who will see the website actively follow politics, and have already made up their minds about who they’ll vote for, and it’s probably Donnelly. If they are truly undecided, I think they might draw a couple of conclusions. Trying to portray Donnelly as not conservative or even conservative enough, reminds people that Kashkari certainly isn’t, (TARP head, which he still proudly touts and Obama voter) and is trying to fool Republicans, ala Schwarzenegger and Whitman. His endorsement rollout this week of Romney, George W. and Jeb Bush, and Pete Wilson, just reinforces that .

    Another thing that might hurt him is some of the facts aren’t things that could hurt him. Have personal financial problems could make Donnelly seem more “of the people”, especially as Kashkari is already seen as the “establishment country club” candidate. Referring to him as “the socialist candidate” because of his Redevelopment vote is just dumb, especially as every assembly Republican but one voted that way. Attacking him on his airport gun incident might seem like a good attack, but again, it reminds voters that Donnelly is pro-gun, and remind voters that Kaskari is not as strident in protecting gun owners as Donnelly would be. The specter of Schwarzenegger and his administration still hovers over non-conservative candidates, and gun rights is a big one.

    Most importantly, the website still does not do for Kashkari what he needs most; Give Republican voters a reason to vote for him.

  2. Brian asks:

    “Who is Neel Kashkari?”

    One thing that Neel Kashkari is, is that he is an ex Goldman-Sachs guy.

    If we, the Republican Party is attempting to Re-Brand ourselves as the Party of the “little guy”, the average American… how are we going to be believed if we keep putting guys like this at the head of our ticket?

  3. Good one, Brian. 🙂 He even comes off as an enigmatic cipher in his own campaign mailings.

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