Justice Prevails in Encinitas!

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Justice prevails in Encinitas as the bullies blinked under the intense public scrutiny they received this past week or so.

Encinitas City Council Member Kristin Gaspar will, by a second unanimous City Council vote, become the city’s last appointed Mayor preceding the November general election when the voters will decide the Mayoral matter. And thank God for that!

My thanks to all who contacted the city council members by calling, writing, emailing, and/or attending tonights city council meeting, whether you spoke or not. Your efforts definitely swayed the Council majority (bullies that they are) and made them uphold the concept that they made a deal, and a deal is a deal. Too bad they had a very public temporary lapse which showed their true core unscrupulous selves, but again, your efforts helped them regain their footing. Good work!

And congrats to Mayor Gaspar! An excellent proven leader who will do a great job for the City of Encinitas.


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  1. Many thanks to the Republican women, especially Sherry Hodges, who, among many others, expressed their displeasure with the temporary lapse in judgement. Good government happens when good people get engaged.

  2. Jerome,

    Your lack of class in referring to your former colleagues as “bullies” and “unscrupulous” is one good reason they are your FORMER colleagues.

  3. Hi HQ,
    The truth is the truth and Jerome’s post is accurate and frankly gentle compared to what others called them!

  4. Jerome pulled the same petty crap for years. I guess you hypocrits are OK with petty and vindictive politics as long as a republican does it.

  5. RB,

    I do believe both the facts and the spirit of the post and I am glad the results turned out as they did. However, name-calling rarely serves any constructive purpose. In fact, it almost always has the effect of making the name-caller seem less intelligent and less credible.

  6. I just posted something and since I have never posted on this site before I’m wondering if I did something wrong, or does the post get moderated before allowing it to appear? Thanks.

  7. Hi Jerome: I have never posted on this site, so not quite sure if this will get through, but will try again. I think Kristin Gaspar did an excellent job last night and I, for one, am happy that the City Council of Encinitas kept its word and did the right thing. However, I wonder if it doesn’t do a disservice to your former colleagues on the Council to call them unscrupulous and bullies. I guess I don’t see it that way. There were times when you were a councilperson that you got publicly upset with me when I presented. That felt like bullying behavior to me. We all have bad days, but hopefully a new era is beginning where we all can have an opinion without being called names. Personally I thought Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz were just plain silly to put this on the agenda. I have no idea what they thought would occur, but it wasted valuable time that could have been used talking about budget concerns. I think Kristin had the opportunity to show how articulate she is and she did a great job. I think she will be a good Mayor. It was nice seeing her family there to support her, especially her 8 year old son who actually spoke. I don’t think I could have done that when I was that age. I have no idea why this was put on the agenda, but I actually think in the long run it worked to Kristin’s benefit. I was a bit skeptical about Kristin at first, but I must say that she impressed me last night, and I will be looking to her for leadership. Perhaps in the future, you may want to consider submitting your opinion without the name calling? However, it is your right to post whatever you want, and it is unlikely that I will post much here, so whatever you think is right is what will be done. For me, I have always liked you, except when you took umbrage in a public way with me, and other citizens. Thanks for all the years you served our community.

  8. Sorry for the delay, Lorrie. Thanks for posting. Comments do sometimes go into a moderation queue, as did yours. The elves are working campaigns, so we’ve been behind today.

  9. So to recap,
    P.T. Can call me a hypocrit (sp) and accuse me of petty and vindictive politics (name calling that the other posters don’t complain about…). Yet H.Q. and L.G. make reference to my former “colleagues” and caution me to be more gentle, although in fact only Ms. Barth, ruler of the current ruling majority was a former “colleague” of mine and she was anything but collegial. And she along with Shaffer and Kranz have acted like schoolyard bullies on Council this year especially toward Ms. Gaspar.
    The proof is that when confronted last night, they made weak excuses and ran away. Bullies typically do.

  10. Jerome,

    It is not relevant whether or not they were your former colleagues and my point had nothing to do with being gentle. Name calling is generally the last resort of someone who no longer has anything substantive to say and it tells the reader much more about the name caller than the recipient of the petty abuse. You are better than that, or at least I thought you were.

  11. Hi Again Jerome: Wasn’t Mark Muir a colleague of yours on the Council? Do you think he is a bully? Personally I like Mark and he has never bullied me. I thought he was a friend of yours. I tend to agree with you on Teresa. Up until the the other night I had not seen how “not so bright” Shaffer and Kranz were. They gave Kristin the opportunity to show how articulate she is, and that will help her if she runs for mayor. And Shaffer saying she did not know that the word reconsider had specific meaning kind of made me wonder. She stated in her newsletter that she learned a half an hour before the meeting that reconsider had special meaning according to Roberts Rules of Order. I think one would know that it means exactly what it says, “reconsider” without even knowing Roberts Rules of Order.

  12. Jerome,

    Your failed leadership is one of the reasons the city of Encinitas is where it is today, with funding issues for parks, poor streets and a pension liability that looms over the city like a hawk over a henhouse.

    That’s the bottom line. In addition to that, your behavior was frequently an embarrassment. Remember when your parents told you to “worry about yourself” or your own actions. That’s applicable here. A certain amount of politics enter into situations, and not everyone on the council will get along in real life, but at least there’s a sense of decorum now.

    I’m laughing, because it takes me, a registered Democrat to come on to SD Rostra to let Republicans know that you’re a true RINO, thanks to your part in the pension deal that is currently strangling the city.

    Sadly, you were way more competent than Gaspar, who is even yet further away from a competent council person. It’s a sad day for our town, hopefully we can do better with all our new council people in the future. Where is Dennis Holz when you need him.

  13. Dr. Greene, you are correct and I stand corrected and embarrassed. Councilman Muir was a colleague, whom I voted to appoint. He didn’t enter my consciousness probably because he isn’t one of the three bullies. Neither is Council Member Gaspar who’s was a prior colleague. My comments were directed at the evil trio. Apologies for not being clearer.
    Whiskey and Signs: When I left the city in 2012 we had massive reserve funds, fantastic park maintenance, roads in the 75th percentile, and had reduced the pension formula to the lowest allowed by PERS.
    You view of the world through a strange and sad set of lenses, friend.
    But good luck with that.

  14. I’ll say this one more time Jerome. You pulled the same “bully” crap when you were in office with the exception that you were consistantly successfull in doing so. I don’t like it when anyone does this however in this blog it’s ok if you are a republican.

  15. Hey Paul,
    I’m certain there’s a world where your last post actually makes sense, and I hope you find it one day.
    And thanks for complimenting my past successes. I appreciate it.

    As the 2nd longest serving Encinitas City Councilman, the only one to achieve Chairmanships of NCTD, SANDAG, NorthComm, and a few other groups, I guess not all in the county of San Diego found me offensive.
    I just consider myself a humble former public servant who had the privilege to contribute in some small way to our city and county, now back in the private sector. But you certainly are entitled to your own opinion and I thank you for sharing.

  16. Jerome,

    Your touting of your accomplishments lists nothing but the hollow positions and “achievements” of a want to be career politician.

    NCTD is a disaster, with more than 30 employees having left the agency in the last 2 years because of the poor oversight and bullying tactics of CEO Matt Tucker, along with the complicity of longtime board members like Bill Horn, Mark Packard and yes, Jerome Stocks (Tony Kranz is our board member now, and the jury is still out). The disasters like the Sprinter failure continue to mount. Where was the leadership in providing something other than a rubber stamp for someone like Tucker?

    SANDAG is synonmous with waste in our county, the epitome of a bloated bureaucracy. All you did there was try and take credit for the underpass at Swami’s, which went over time and way over budget.

    In short, your achievements are few, your shortcomings are many and your legacy with Encinitas is of bloated pensions and a lack of fiscal restraint, not to mention the extra money for Phil Cotton..


    -William Paultz, New Encinitas

  17. Mr. Paultz,
    My achievements are real and your criticism is just your opinion, but I’m good with that.
    Hey, I’ve got an idea! How about YOU run for office, win, and show us all how to do it right! That would be great 🙂
    I look forward to your future positive contribution to our fine city, county, and state.

    P.S. I forgot mention above that Encinitas, SANDAG, and NCTD all had among the highest credit ratings possible on my watch.
    Wow… What a “hollow” record. But I know you’ll do better. Right??

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