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June 30 — Juan Vargas Today Doubles his lead to 12 Votes over Mary Salas in 40th senate primary Drama

June  30         vargas   doubles His Lead

Juan Vargas doubled his Lead over Mary Salas moments ago
in the 40th state senate cliff-hanger. The SD County Registrar
counted 22 more ballots in that race today, and they split 14
for Vargas, to 8 for Salas
That increases the Vargas lead in
the 3-county district from 6 votes last Friday, to 12 votes today.

……………………. UPDATE 8 p.m.:

Late this afternoon the efficient folks at SD Registrar of Voters
completed their count of the last 25 ballots from the primary
election. They found 1 more vote for Mary Salas, reducing the
Vargas lead district-wide to 11 votes.

Your new totals… Vargas…24,138….Salas…24,127

There are no further updates received yet today from Imperial
or Riverside counties. All of Imperial and about 8% of River-
side are in the 40th state senate district.

Vargas leads in Imperial County (+927)… while Salas has
an edge in Riverside (+106) and San Diego (+809).

But the Salas lead has recently fallen in the latter two
areas…. She was +154 in Riverside last week and +907 in
San Diego.

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