Joy Behar Explains Why Biden Documents Are NOT a Scandal

Bob Siegel Bob Siegel


Even the mainstream media hasn’t been able to ignore this one! And anybody unfamiliar with the story must be thawing out of mid-winter hibernation.

I’m referring, of course, to the classified documents found (among other places) in the garage of President Biden’s Delaware home. Some of these are Obama era classified documents; others date to Biden’s time in the Senate. Not all documents were found on Biden’s personal property. Some were discovered in the Penn Biden Center, also known as a “think tank.”

(The very idea of Biden participating with a “think tank” or entertaining any kind of genuine thought at all…Well…Never mind…Permit me to be merciful. I won’t go there today.)

The initial revelation of these documents qualify as the irony of the century, especially in the shadow of last summer’s raid on former President Trump’s Florida estate by Biden’s “Justice” Department. At that time, Biden himself commented on Trump’s documents in Mar-a-Lago pointing out the “dangers of exposing sources” and calling former President Trump “irresponsible.”

So, now, when classified documents are found on Biden’s property, not documents that he declassified as president, but rather documents from the Obama administration when Biden was VICE-President (and other documents from when he was a senator) we are left with a double standard for the history books!


Unless history is written by Joy Behar of The View!

If you like Joe Biden, if you think he’s been doing a Cracker Jack job as president, if you’re afraid of becoming disillusioned because your hero might be falling from a pedestal, if you’re worried about any kind of criminal negligence on the part of Joe Biden, well, be of good cheer!

Much earlier in January, Joy Behar went on television and explained to the country why it was correct to be concerned when this happened to Trump, but incorrect to be concerned that it is happening to Biden.

In all fairness, she has since made attempts to walk those comments back. You will understand why after you read them. But the back tracking came in response to roasts and ridicule that she apparently did not anticipate. I believe her initial words (showing a recurring default setting for spontaneous reaction to news events) will be remembered for quite some time:

“There are differences in what happened. Well, we all know that Trump is a liar and a thief…It’s not that big a jump to say he obstructed and he lied. We don’t think Biden is a liar and a thief, so we give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Well there you have it! The reason documents on Trump’s property were a problem and documents on Biden’s property are NOT a problem is that Trump is lying and Biden is not. End of story!

I guess we cleared that one up! Whew!

And what is the evidence, you ask? Now, now…Aren’t you paying attention? She gave evidence. In fact, she gave more than evidence. She offered proof, actual proof!

She didn’t refer to what everybody thinks. She referred to what everybody knows!

She said everyone KNOWS Trump is a liar and we have no reason to believe that Biden is a liar and a thief. Got that? Are you following this? Are you taking notes?

Biden is not a liar!

We believe that because, well…because we believe that!

This woman shouldn’t be on The View…She should be teaching logic at a law school!

Yes, Joe’s record for truth telling is solid as gold! Biden hasn’t lied!

How could he? He’s been too busy to lie! It takes a lot of time and hard work to report that our economy is in top shape, and that there is NO border crisis, and that the Afghanistan withdrawal was handled successfully.

He never had time to lie before he became president either. He was too busy threatening to fire a Ukrainian official if he didn’t stop investigating his son Hunter, and too busy denying that he and Hunter ever discussed Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

This was also the case prior to Biden’s vice-presidency. Just when would he have had time to lie?

There wasn’t time to lie when he was arrested in South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.

Well, actually The Washington Post called that one false and they are no conservative rag.

But never mind…On this particular occasion The Washington Post must have been mistaken…

They obviously weren’t paying attention to Biden’s stellar record from the past such as graduating in the top of his class at Syracuse Law School in 1968.

Oh wait…He graduated 76th.

But Hey! Maybe in some ultimate quantum reality, 76th is top of the class!

One thing is for sure; when such tension arises, Joe explains himself eloquently.

As a matter of fact, Joe has always been a top-notch public speaker!

Remember those first-rate dynamic campaign speeches he gave back in 1988 during an early bid for President of the United States?

Everybody remembers them!

As a matter of fact, we remembered them before Biden even gave them inasmuch as he was plagiarizing John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and some others.

Well, at least he stole from the best.

“Come on man! Give him a break!”

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