Jorgensen for Congress Raises Nearly $120K in Under a Week

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Kirk Jorgensen for Congress raised more than $119,000 in the second quarter in his bid for the California 52nd Congressional District.

The second quarter reporting period ended on June 30 – just six days after Jorgensen began raising funds.

The former U.S. Marine Corp officer considered his first financial report a success.

“Clearly, donors are backing a demand for responsible leadership, proving the strength of our campaign.” said Jorgensen, a Black Mountain Ranch resident in San Diego. “I’m humbled by this level of support.”

As of Sunday, Jorgensen’s treasurer reported $119,359 in total contributions. The candidate loaned his race $10,000 putting the total receipts at $129,359 with $126,726 total cash on hand.

A full 212 donors gave to Jorgensen with 123 supporters from California. Supporters gave anywhere from less than $10 to the maximum contribution of $5,200 for both the Primary and General Elections. Many donors had never contributed to a political campaign before and two thirds donated $100 or less.

The California 52nd Congressional District incumbent Rep. Scott Peters, D-La Jolla, will defend his seat next year against two Republicans, Jorgensen and former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio.

“It’s past time we start sending leaders instead of political survivors to Congress,” Jorgensen said.

The Republican-leaning district stretches from Poway to Coronado. The district is home to many iconic San Diego places and military hubs, including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Naval Air Station North Island.

The Kirk Jorgensen for Congress Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts can be accessed through his campaign website:

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Erica Holloway is a Rostra administrator and media consultant to Kirk Jorgensen for Congress. Follow her @erica_holloway.


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  1. Two interesting takeaways:

    1. More than 40% of the donors live not only from outside the district, they live outside of California.

    2. Some (we don’t know how much) was actually donations for the general election.

  2. When are we going to learn his policy platform? I’m specifically interested in Jorgensen’s views on:

    foreign policy,
    when and how to wage war,
    and the Bill of Rights.

  3. Sure looks like this is the anti-gay conservative wing of the GOP in action — a national effort.

    It’s interesting that LOCALLY most GOP social conservatives have pretty much come to terms with who DeMaio is and what his priorities are. Not so much for these out of state folks who likely see only “gay Republican.”

    It DOES raise a question for me — if Kirk doesn’t make the general (he won’t) and some of the money has been TAGGED for the general, does it have to be given back to the donors? If so, the general election funding portion is safe bluster, perhaps making Kirk’s campaign funding seem better funded than it is.

  4. I AM impressed with Jorgensen’s talent for saying the right things — mostly by saying nothing. I have yet to see him present a single concrete thought on why he’s better than Carl (or Peters, for that matter), or will do a better job.

    “Responsible leadership”?

    “It’s past time we start sending leaders instead of political survivors to Congress.”?

    No indication if WHERE he’s leading us, or any indication he even knows what he’ll do when get gets to DC.

    Go to his website, and the ONLY thing posted up his bio. Amazing!

  5. If Demaio runs for mayor when Filner inevitably resigns or gets recalled. Who else does the GOP have on the bench for the 52nd?

  6. Steve Danon would be a good choice. But can he beat Peters in a debate? Faulconor has a young family and may not want to spend 1/2 his time in Washington. Ray Ellis maybe, and despite my disagreements with Richard Rider, I’d like to him consider a run.

  7. Contributions given for the General Election have to be returned if one does not make it through the Primary. You get close friends to donate to the max to somewhat inflate the numbers. Let’s see what he has to say. When will he address a crowd and take questions?

  8. Joe, you old rascal, you. Trying to get me killed (figuratively speaking)? Again??

    Me run for office? Been there, done that. I certainly can RUN for office (grizzled veteran that I am), but clearly I’m not destined to WIN an office. Such is my lot.

    And I’m okay with that. Especially when one thinks of being in DC in the summer. Or winter. Or any other time, for that matter.

    Thalheimer would be a good choice, as would Ellis. We should have lots of good options in that district if DeMaio drops out of the race.

  9. Richard Rider is correct. The guy has well under $100,000 and he has tapped out his friends and family. Already making headway in politics by fudging the truth. Question for Kirk. You were an officer in the Marine Corps. Why are you now a Coast Guard Reserve Officer? My brother ( current Marine officer) thought it was very odd.

  10. Oh Richard if I wanted to get you killed I’d encourage you to take a job as Filner’s press secretary and then attend a NOW rally.

    Don’t sell yourself short. The last time you ran for mayor, I noticed you received a lot of support from college girls. Now that they are a little older, have families and pay taxes. You have a built in base of 30 year old likely voters.

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