November 6: A Devastating Election For Republicans

Jon Fleischman Jon Fleischman


November 6, 2012 will long be remembered by Republicans nationally as, well, a really bad election day. Governor Mitt Romney’s loss to Barack Obama, when the President was forced to run for re-election on the economy, in a bad economy, smarts. Losing a significant number of U.S. Senate races where polls and pundits had put the GOP in the hunt just added to the misery. Republicans did hold on to the House of Representatives, which is very significant, of course. But because this was expected, it did little to ease the disappointment of this Republican.

Here in California, the shellacking was pretty thorough. After rejecting the last eight tax increases in a row to appear on the statewide ballot, voters approved Governor Brown’s massive income and sales tax hikes to the tune of $7 billion a year, as well as a separate measure to hike taxes on multi-state businesses by another billion dollars annually. Proposition 32, which would have reduced the power of the state’s public employee unions (which pretty much control the levers of power in Sacramento today), failed under a massive onslaught of union political spending.

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