Stunner — SD School Board legend John deBeck (D) endorses Mark Powell (R) over John Evans (D) in Dist. A

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John deBeck, who set a modern record by winning five terms on the SD Unified School Board (1990-2010) today floored everyone by endorsing  Mark Powell over incumbent John Evans in District A.    In a statement at SD Rostra,  Mr. deBeck declared, “Mark is both a fine former teacher and administrator, but is solid in his support for kids.  I ENDORSE  HIM  WITHOUT  RESERVATION,  as a moderate, knowledgeable candidate.  He stood up to Bersin, and won!”

Mark Powell is a Republican, but independent Democrat John deBeck put Party aside to choose him over incumbent John Evans (D).

Career classroom educator deBeck, who grew up in San Diego and attended Point Loma High School, was proudly a  Maverick  during his 20-year incumbency,  including classic major duels with then-school Superintendent Alan Bersin,  now an  Obama  Administration figure.

John deBeck  is a name respected  by parents and also by San Diego’s  influential  Catholic  laity.   As name endorsements go,  today’s development is a pin-rattling  “Ten Strike”  for Mark Powell  in anybody’s  Bowling League!

Powell is pitching his campaign on reform and the need for fresh ideas.  District A is tough territory for school incumbents … it has already seen  three  school board members in just eight years.   John Evans lost the 2008 district primary 60% to 40% ……  but that local result was then reversed citywide in November 2008,  owing in part to a major IE  by  Teacher Union PACs,   per the Union-Tribune’s election coverage at the time.

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  1. John deBeck always speaks his mind and the truth. This speaks volumes of the quality candidate Powell is.

  2. Thanks for the kind words….and his opponent-incumbent is clueless about education and waffles on critical issues unless directed by his handlers. Check out how many times he has changed votes! Experienced, quality educators like Mark need to be supported especially ones with independent minds that are not influenced by voices in the background…. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

  3. On February 29th, the Registrar of Voters officially validated my candidacy for School Board. I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support I am receiving. I am running for School Board to put “Value Back Into Education” and I stand firmly in my belief that education improves a person’s quality of life, self-esteem and self reliance. The Voice of San Diego ran a short story on my candidacy so when you have a minute please take a look. Thank you, Mark
    Congratulations, Mr. Powell. You have many friends among the readers of SD Rostra. Interested people can visit Mark’s website at this address:

    Jim Sills

  4. First – Mark thanks for running. Web site still seems yet to launch but as soon as I hope it has online contributions for ease of sending support.

    Second – Scott Barnett’s latest muse about finding a third way got me thinking…….Now they would never do it but wouldn’t a way to stave off insolvency is to essentially open the door as wide as possible and ask parents and community members to put in mutli-site charter applications? Probably WAY too many moving parts to do this fast but it would seem a innovative way to break the contract, free up resources, and potentially get rid of a ton of legacy costs. Thoughts?

  5. Thank you Erik and John for your kind words and support. Erik, all creative ideas are appreciated and will be given serious consideration. In addition, the support I have been receiving for my bid for school board is excellent and I thank all of you! It is now time for Efficient Change, and Effective Competent Leadership within San Diego Unified Schools…our children, parents, teachers and community deserve it. I encourage you to post on my Blogg at with your ideas. For those technology savvy individuals, please follow me on twitter!/markstevepowell and Facebook!/profile.php?id=1532937238

    Also, I understand that many of you have donated to other campaigns and money is tight, but your help is still needed. Political campaigns are made possible by the generous donations of citizens like you. Please contribute to help make my campaign a success and help me to represent you and our children by logging onto my website and clicking the donation button. We cannot have, or should tolerate, another 4 years of poor decisions and failed leadership in the San Diego Unified School District.

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