Stunner — SD School Board legend John deBeck (D) endorses Mark Powell (R) over John Evans (D) in Dist. A

Jim Sills Jim Sills


John deBeck, who set a modern record by winning five terms on the SD Unified School Board (1990-2010) today floored everyone by endorsing  Mark Powell over incumbent John Evans in District A.    In a statement at SD Rostra,  Mr. deBeck declared, “Mark is both a fine former teacher and administrator, but is solid in his support for kids.  I ENDORSE  HIM  WITHOUT  RESERVATION,  as a moderate, knowledgeable candidate.  He stood up to Bersin, and won!”

Mark Powell is a Republican, but independent Democrat John deBeck put Party aside to choose him over incumbent John Evans (D).

Career classroom educator deBeck, who grew up in San Diego and attended Point Loma High School, was proudly a  Maverick  during his 20-year incumbency,  including classic major duels with then-school Superintendent Alan Bersin,  now an  Obama  Administration figure.

John deBeck  is a name respected  by parents and also by San Diego’s  influential  Catholic  laity.   As name endorsements go,  today’s development is a pin-rattling  “Ten Strike”  for Mark Powell  in anybody’s  Bowling League!

Powell is pitching his campaign on reform and the need for fresh ideas.  District A is tough territory for school incumbents … it has already seen  three  school board members in just eight years.   John Evans lost the 2008 district primary 60% to 40% ……  but that local result was then reversed citywide in November 2008,  owing in part to a major IE  by  Teacher Union PACs,   per the Union-Tribune’s election coverage at the time.

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