San Diego’s famous “Radio Mayor” … Roger Hedgecock … endorses Carl DeMaio for Mayor of San Diego

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Popular radio host  Roger Hedgecock, heard on KOGO radio am-600 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. every week day, has made a rare local election endorsement:   Councilman Carl  DeMaio for Mayor.  In an e-mail note to friends yesterday, the former San Diego Mayor (1983-85) wrote:

Dear Friends: 

I am doing something today that I rarely, if ever do.  I am asking for your help and support of a very particular political candidate this year in San Diego, that is Carl DeMaio – who is running for Mayor of San Diego. Carl DeMaio is not your typical politician.  He’s blunt.  He’s smart.  And he’s producing results.  Big results.    I first met Carl DeMaio when he uncovered the financial crisis in San Diego.  He was one of the few with the courage to stand up and speak out against runaway spending and sweetheart deals with government labor unions.


Well aware of the practicalities of  elective politics,  former SD Mayor Hedgecock then goes on to invite his readers to attend a stand-alone Fundraiser for DeMaio  for Mayor,  featuring “special guest” Roger Hedgecock later this month!…

I’m hosting a special reception for Carl DeMaio in San Diego.  I am including the information about the event at the end of this letter. If you cannot attend the event, I urge you to donate right now ”  (by visiting his website).


Roger Hedgecock goes on to say that the San Diego election outcome will reverberate beyond our own county boundaries:

Carl DeMaio’s race for Mayor is no longer just a local race – this is a national race that will have major impacts across California and the nation.  DeMaio’s ideas and approach are drawing national attention – and his success is winning converts and being imitated across the country.  So much so that big labor has made him a top target to defeat in this election. I hope you’ll stand with Carl DeMaio as I am.

The longtime ‘Radio Mayor’ of San Diego concludes his note  this way:

My friends, leadership is about more than just talk or slogans. Carl DeMaio has provided the innovative ideas to solve our fiscal crisis – and he has the proven ability to build consensus around those ideas. With your help, Carl DeMaio will succeed in turning San Diego into a model of fiscal reform, and in doing so, light a fire that will travel this country forcing change in so many more ways.  Please act today by joining with Carl DeMaio’s campaign here in San Diego!


Roger Hedgecock


Some endorsements matter, some do not.  This endorsement matters a lot, since Roger Hedgecock has built a radio following here for 25 years.  His backing tells rank-and-file independent and populist voters that the candidate who hears them is Carl DeMaio.  Roger Hedgecock has major Street Cred on those topics.   This is a Big Day for DeMaio for Mayor.  As George Putnam used to say, That is One Reporter’s Opinion.