George Washington — We Still Stand on the Shoulders of this Giant — Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

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Remember the name… George Washington… on this his Birthday, February 22, 1732.   He led an unprofessional, undisciplined Army against the greatest military and economic force on Earth: the British Empire.

He was among the richest Men in America.  He could have stayed home in the comfort and security of his Mansion, or Toured the world in style.  Instead, he spent six years touring  forests and swamps while shivering in the cold !  This proud man willingly kneeled in prayer, asking that God preserve the infant nation with whose care he was entrusted.

His brilliant mind grasped that British forces in America were at the end of a 3000-mile-long supply line, and even that depended on wind-powered sailing ships.  If only he could keep Armies in the Field, in the vastness of a mostly-unsettled America, he would bleed the British into defeat.

When he captured all of Lord Cornwallis’ army intact at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781, it was the blow that made Britain finally accept that he was right.

When the War ended, King George III asked his envoys what George Washington was doing. They told him Washington had retired from public life. George III was incredulous. Were they sure? Yes, his ambassadors replied, General Washington resigned his command of the Continental Army and returned to Mount Vernon.

George III was completely stunned. He leaned back in his chair and said, “If this be true, then George Washington must be the greatest man in the world.”

George Washington was too noble for such mundane plans as making himself king or dictator.  That was beneath him.  Not for nothing did his fellows name him the “Father of His Country.”

Washington did it again in 1797 (voluntarily walking away from undisputed power) at the end of his presidency. He told his friends, “Gentlemen, if you wish to speak to me again, it will be under my own Fig and Vine.”

The other founders gladly gave Washington control of the Army because they knew he could be trusted with power, that he would never use it for his personal gain.

Let us remember the real reason for Presidents Day: to honor those patriots who preserved our country. George Washington was the Greatest American who ever Lived, and it was truly a Blessing that God put him here when he was needed the most.  Happy Birthday, Mr. President!


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  1. Here’s an excellent write-up up of George Washington’s role in the dark early years of our revolution. Posted the City Journal link on my Facebook.

    When George Washington Became Great
    Those were the times that tried men’s souls.

    In the summer of 1755, 23-year-old George Washington galloped back and forth across a blood-soaked battlefield near present-day Pittsburgh, trying heroically but unsuccessfully to rally the panicked British force in which he served to withstand a withering attack by Britain’s French and Indian enemies in a war his own hotheadedness had ignited two years earlier. An Indian chief ordered his braves to shoot down the seemingly fearless six-footer, conspicuous not only for his height and daring but also for being, as Thomas Jefferson later marveled, “the best horseman of his age and the most graceful figure that could ever be seen on horseback.”

    The Indians fired volley after volley, putting four bullets through his coat and killing two horses out from under him, but he fought on unscathed. Fifteen years later, the same chief told him how vividly he remembered that day, which convinced him that the Great Spirit must have a brilliant future in store for the young officer whom his braves miraculously couldn’t kill no matter how hard they tried.

    . . .

    To read the full article, go to the link:

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