Dustin Steiner files papers for 75th State Assembly seat — It’s “Game on” for rising Scripps Ranch community leader

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Another quality Republican candidate is in the Game today, as Dustin Steiner filed papers (form 501)  this week to succeed Nathan Fletcher in the State Assembly.   Mr. Steiner’s credentials include the Miramar Ranch North planning group,  SD Republican Central committee, and valued Deputy Chief of Staff to North County supervisor  Bill Horn  since 2007. Your correspondent has seen Dustin Steiner in action during past campaigns.   He’s the  Real Deal and will be a major player when State maps are finalized in August.   He’s also a  Movement Conservative.


Steiner told SD Rostra today, “I  am a staunch fiscal conservative and do not believe we have a revenue problem, but a spending problem.  I will work to reverse the trend of businesses leaving our state and create a climate that will instead entice others to move here.  I believe we need to stop punishing success with higher taxes and more regulation.  This is especially true for our biotech and tech companies in SD.  I want to be their champion in Sacramento.”

Moving ahead to Agricultural issues (if you eat, you should care about that) Steiner added, “I am a private property rights advocate and was raised in a small avocado town, so I will be doing everything I can to protect agriculture and our farmers by seeking an end to this political drought and turning the water back on in our county.”

Steiner’s  wife, Jennifer,  is a respected local Nurse, and they are proud parents of a 1-year-old daughter named – what else – Reagan !

Steiner has a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara (Chancellor’s scholarship)  and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the American University school of Public Affairs.


The Assembly lines of 2001 would pit Steiner vs. former SD City Councilman Brian Maienschein. But it is anyobdy’s guess what the Citizens Redistricting Commission will finally do, and whether their final maps will face a 2012 referendum.  If the latter happens, State Supreme Court special  masters would draw interim 2012 legislative lines.   Is that confusing enough, sports fans ?

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