Dustin Steiner files papers for 75th State Assembly seat — It’s “Game on” for rising Scripps Ranch community leader

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Another quality Republican candidate is in the Game today, as Dustin Steiner filed papers (form 501)  this week to succeed Nathan Fletcher in the State Assembly.   Mr. Steiner’s credentials include the Miramar Ranch North planning group,  SD Republican Central committee, and valued Deputy Chief of Staff to North County supervisor  Bill Horn  since 2007. Your correspondent has seen Dustin Steiner in action during past campaigns.   He’s the  Real Deal and will be a major player when State maps are finalized in August.   He’s also a  Movement Conservative.


Steiner told SD Rostra today, “I  am a staunch fiscal conservative and do not believe we have a revenue problem, but a spending problem.  I will work to reverse the trend of businesses leaving our state and create a climate that will instead entice others to move here.  I believe we need to stop punishing success with higher taxes and more regulation.  This is especially true for our biotech and tech companies in SD.  I want to be their champion in Sacramento.”

Moving ahead to Agricultural issues (if you eat, you should care about that) Steiner added, “I am a private property rights advocate and was raised in a small avocado town, so I will be doing everything I can to protect agriculture and our farmers by seeking an end to this political drought and turning the water back on in our county.”

Steiner’s  wife, Jennifer,  is a respected local Nurse, and they are proud parents of a 1-year-old daughter named – what else – Reagan !

Steiner has a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara (Chancellor’s scholarship)  and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the American University school of Public Affairs.


The Assembly lines of 2001 would pit Steiner vs. former SD City Councilman Brian Maienschein. But it is anyobdy’s guess what the Citizens Redistricting Commission will finally do, and whether their final maps will face a 2012 referendum.  If the latter happens, State Supreme Court special  masters would draw interim 2012 legislative lines.   Is that confusing enough, sports fans ?

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  1. Dustin is the real deal and will make a wonderful assemblyman! My only qualm is his many talents being wasted on the morons who control the state legislature.

  2. Given the waste of time involved in being a Republican legislator in Sacramento, I suggest we settle such state legislative GOP races (where the gerrymander monster holds sway) with a Dutch auction sale of the office.

    The GOP-certified candidate who will do the job cheapest (the legislator’s salary and the cost [if any] of the office & staff) gets the job — period. We need to equip him with a remote “no” vote wireless button (no “yes” button allowed), and her/she can then carry out the duties of the office while remaining gainfully employed in San Diego County.

    It’s time the GOP stop sending good people to Sacramento — the Democrats stopped doing it decades ago.

  3. Big changes …… Gerrymander by the Legislature is DONE.

    Preliminary maps from the Citizens Redistricting Commission would increase competitive districts in San Diego county. This could be one of them. Mr. Steiner is in the right place at the right time.

  4. Rider: Brilliant.

    Is this really going to be a race between Republican staffers? If that be the case, can we get Hegyi in here to round things out.

  5. As you know, Jim, a district can be rigged for one party over another simply by geography and demographics. No matter how the 75th is laid it, it will be a GOP district. I suspect we’ll find that MOST CA legislative districts will still be gerrymandered — intentionally or not.

    Oddly enough, from a limited government standpoint, that’s a good thing. Imagine a proper percentage of Democrats and Republicans in EVERY district. The Democrats with their strong statewide plurality would own their needed 2/3 of the legislative seats — and then some. Where the GOP won, it would likely be won by weasily RINO’s (an interesting hybrid creature) whose campaign platform (if truthful) would be something like “I’m not quite as bad as the Democrat.”

  6. I know nothing about Dustin. Heck he might fit the bill. But i KNOW what I want from SOMEONE in the delegation – an assemblymember or state senator – who is SHAMELESS and RELENTLESSLY focused on using media to talk about SPECIFICS that help underscore why a conservative approach will help the state.

    For the foreseeable future we are going to be in a minority. Republicans running against each other in Republican districts bores the out of me. The really ONLY job they have to do is relentlessly work, day and night, to be the VOICE of conservatives in the region.

    FOR EXAMPLE, where is the letter to the editor discussing the GOP ideas about CAL state and the recent dust up over the new President’s pay? Was a big news story for 3-4 days. JERRY F’iNG BROWN got some sound bites as being fiscally prudent. Our GOP delegation? Chrikets chirping. I have no doubt that they would have run something if submitted by one of our GOP delegates to the legislature..

    Being in the minority is hard. Your bills don’t go anywhere. You get ignored by the Sacto Press crowd. But that isn’t an excuse to do nothing.

  7. Another thing (I know, cranky Erik friday). Could someone tell Dustin to STOP with the old saw? I am SICK AND TIRED of politicians speaking to the public like they are idiots. Be SLIGHTLY specific. Indicate where there is a “spending” problem. Underscore that there are hard choices and you are going to bring republican principals to get more efficient and effective government. Let people know (for after the sentence that ends “SD.” SPECIFICALLY what tax and regulatory overhauls you are going to make your top priority.

    We have consultants that tell people to run scared and talk in generic sound bites. Pronouncements which are “too complicated” get edited out. But, this interest group of one is so sick of hearing this crud from conservative candidates and YEARNS for one that will treat voters as adults, acknowledge the lack of silver bullets and hone in on some specific goals and objectives.

  8. Richard:

    There will likely be more competition in 2012 under the new lines, and that is good for the GOP. Our share of the statewide vote is not represented in the legislature or Congress. We get 42% to 45% of the State vote, but only about 35% of the seats. That is owing to the Legislature-imposed gerrymander of 2001.

    Not sure what you mean…a district can be “rigged by geography”?

  9. Erik:

    No candidate unveils a complete legislative package on the
    day they begin a campaign. So this is perhaps an unfair
    criticism at such an early date.

  10. Erik,

    Your point is well taken and throughout my 10 years in the business, I can tell you that the 10 second (and shrinking) sound bite is partially to blame for this. That said, I’ll give you an idea of my thinking on a recent piece of legislation. AB 1319 would “prohibit the sale, manufacture or distribution of a bottle or cup or a liquid, food or beverage in a can, jar or plastic bottle that contains bisphenol A (better known as BPA) if the item is primarily intended for children three years of age or under.” As you (now) know, I have a 1-year old daughter and am married to a nurse. I, like all parents, only want safe and effective products for my baby. This bill is opposed by industry because the science doesn’t back it up and in many cases the bigger problem associated with a less effective coating is that it allows other pathogens into a food product, which are more harmful to an infant or toddler than exposure (at that level) to BPA. You may say this is an easy vote with industry opposing it. But, how many parents out there do you think would be unhappy with a ‘No’ vote cast on the “Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act”? This is especially true given the intensity of the ‘BPA Free’ campaign.

    I feel similarly about the Prop 65 warning labels. It’s noble to want to warn people of the risk of dangerous chemicals. But, do we need a sticker on an automobile to let us know that exhaust is toxic? How about a Prop 65 warning label on a drinking glass? This is the kind of unnecessary regulation that I will be working to end. It puts an undue (and expensive) burden on private businesses without the benefit of science to back it up.

    You will probably say this is a “political answer” and believe me I understand your frustration, which is why I’m running. I will be spending the next year and a half meeting with community leaders and neighbors in the 75th District. I would love to sit down with you (and any other Rostrafarians) during that time to hear your thoughts, as well.


  11. This bill is opposed by industry because the science doesn’t back it up and in many cases the bigger problem associated with a less effective coating is that it allows other pathogens into a food product, which are more harmful to an infant or toddler than exposure (at that level) to BPA.

    Dustin, that’s an excellent observation and one of those specifics people need to hear. Nothing in this world is free of risk, yet regulations are often influenced by that delusion. The terrible toll that pathogens took on previous generations is largely forgotten by today’s society. Yet those microbes are still with us, so we ignore them at our peril.

  12. Again…..Steiner is the person. Dustin…please promise bi-partiniship. Folks on both sides….this is a good man.

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