76th AD hopefuls have Debate in Oceanside … Douglas and Chavez split with Hodges on Prop. 29 Tax, Part-Time Legislature

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Six weeks to Election Day in the open 76th AD, and North County voters are getting a better view of the three leaders trying to succeed the termed-out Martin Garrick.  Thanks to this debate coverage by the Coast News key differences are emerging.  Farrah  Douglas and  Rocky Chavez back a Part-Time Legislature,  while Sherry Hodges is against.  Chavez and Douglas oppose Prop. 29’s  Tax increase on tobacco, but Hodges supports Proposition 29, the Coast News reports (see update below).

Update from Admin (April 20 – 10:18 am)… Hodges contacted SD Rostra to say the Coast News is incorrect, that she has always been opposed to Prop. 29 and has never said otherwise. “My consistent answer on Prop 29 has been, NO, with a capital N and a capital O.”

…..Candidates also Stress their Qualifications 

Rocky Chavez emphasizes his experience as a US  Marine Colonel and former California State Veterans Secretary.  Councilwoman Farrah Douglas points to her work for  fiscal reform in the city of Carlsbad.  Sherry Hodges notes her Encinitas community activism and work as staffer for three state legislators.

…..$735  Million in New Taxes under Prop. 29

The report by the Legislative Analyst published in the State Voter Guide says Prop. 29 on the June ballot would raise a net  $735 million  in new State revenues with a one dollar-a-pack tax on cigarettes. The money is supposed to be spent on public health and education related to smoking issues.

…..How the 76th was Redrawn for this Election

The 76th Assembly District includes (from North to South) Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, and Encinitas.  Martin Garrick  represents most of the area now, but overall boundaries were redrawn by the State Redistricting Commission last Summer.  The main change is to create an all-San Diego county district, rather than one overlapping into Orange County as in the past.  San Diego’s lone State Redistricting Commissioner, Gil Ontai, deserves thanks for that logical revision.

The top two finishers in the June primary will advance to a November 2012 runoff finale.


DISCLOSURE:   Rocky Chavez for State Assembly 2012 is a client.


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  1. Responding to Admin’s addition to this story…

    Ray Huard of the “North County Times” also reported Ms. Hodges supporting Proposition 29 at the Oceanside debate. His story is here.

    Then in a later follow-up story, Ray Huard wrote that candidate Hodges had clarified her stand on that measure:

    “Possible confusion over the use of color-coded cards to answer yes or no questions in a Monday debate led Assembly candidate Sherry Hodges to inadvertently indicate she supported raising the tobacco tax, which she later said she does not.”

  2. Hodges was for the Proposition 29 tax at the debate, then she was against Proposition 29 when she thought it over for a few days. Not too decisive for someone with her experience.

    From Admin: We looked into it today to see if Hodges had taken a prior position against Prop 29. Indeed she had. End of story.

  3. I attended the candidate forum where Sherry Hodges voted for the cig tax. I also attended the tea party debate the following day where she said she did not vote for it and claimed her opponents did. At the forum, she originally voted against the tax and then changed her card to vote for it. She was clearly confused. But her confusion does not excuse her accusations of her opponents. Both newspapers, the North County Times and the Coast News reported correctly that she voted for the tax. She had the NCT print a retraction that she was confused but that does not excuse her behavior of blaming others for her error. She is clearly not ready for prime time and does not have the integrity of what is needed in Public Office.

  4. I was at the debate…there was a vote tally that was being recorded and published as the debate was occurring which said Sherry voted no… and that Rocky and Farrah voted yes…so there was a lot of misinformation.

    Sherry has said she will not vote to raise any taxes and she said she would vote no on 29.

    LeAnn, if you were there you heard Rocky tell the vote counter that they had gotten his vote wrong and requested they change his vote.

    The red/green cards were a silly thing to use and the person doing the vote tally at the debate had Sherry as No on prop 29.

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