Stuck on Stupid?

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Take the Encinitas Transit Survey!!!

No doubt some fool consultant, or some clever consultant is promoting this survey and charging the city $$. The problems are that:

A) It’s “Opt in” and therefore bereft of any semblance of scientific or statistical validity, and

B) It doesn’t prevent anyone from taking it multiple times from the same computer (So I’m told) 😉

Really, I encourage you to take it numerous times using fun facts!

Remember the old computer adage “garbage in – garbage out”? This is worse, it’s just garbage. For about $80 the city could have gone to “Survey Monkey” and had a more reliable survey. At least Survey Monkey tracks cookies!! I bet Encinitas paid about $15,000 for this, which is the approximate price of an actually statistically valid survey. I hope I’m wrong, but this is just dumb…


It’s frustrating.