Giving Credit where Credit is Due!

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I must give credit to the North County Times editorial board for having the integrity and honor to very boldly publish a correction for a previously published misleading piece. They didn’t hide it on the page two “corrections” blurb, they put it right out there in the editorial section where the error occurred. If this type of responsive and admirable journalistic character  and integrity were the norm in the mainstream media, I believe the public would have far more respect for it, and they would have far more credibility with the public. Thank you North County Times for doing the right thing.  You make me proud to be a subscriber and occasional Community Forum contributer!

From this mornings North County Times Editorial page : Editorial correction in italics below.


Exec’s pay hike $10,000 per year; was misstated. A “raspberry” published Monday inadequately described the nature of a raise awarded to San Diego Association of Governments Executive Director Gary Gallegos by the Agencies board Jun. 22. The board acted to extend Gallegos’ existing contract for three years with a $10,000 raise in his base salary each year for a total of a $30,000 increase.. His current contract includes a similar raise for the next two years. As a result of the board’s action, Gallegos’ salary will increase by $50,000 during the next five years. The original “Raspberry” characterized the increase as “a $50,000 raise”. We apologize.

On another note, one of the email exchanges from one of the editor’s referenced my earlier post regarding this issue on this very blog,  Could it be that our humble site is viewed as a source of information from the powers that be? Interesting…