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Jeff Stone’s Race for Humanity – Part Two

Following up on my last post, it looks like there may be much more to the whole “Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone’s Race for Humanity” story than meets the eye.

The organization was launched in 2006 as a non-profit corporation according to their filings with the Secretary of State.  It appears that the organization received over $100,000 in taxpayer funds from Supervisor Jeff Stone’s slush fund in 2006 that may not have been reported to the IRS.  A review of the Race for Humanity 990s reveals that the apparent first tax return was filed for FY 2007 which covered the time period of 07/01/07 thru 06/30/08.  This would mean that over $100,000 of taxpayer funds and whatever private donations were received prior to July 1, 2007 may be unaccounted for and not properly reported to the IRS.

According to the website GuideStar ( it appears there was not a filing for FY 2006 (07/01/06 thru 06/30/07) for the Race for Humanity which would have covered the period of the first race held in April of 2007.  The 2007 Form 990 on GuideStar indicates on the first page that it is the “initial return.”

It is possible that the prior year 2006 return was submitted and that GuideStar doesn’t reflect it.  If so, Race for Humanity is free to provide it so that the public may view the details.

In addition, the California Attorney General’s website lists the organization as delinquent in the filing of their Registration Renewal Fee Report (

Although the document was filed, the AG’s office requested more information over two months ago concerning a potential conflict of interest.  One of the board member’s business was paid $5,700 and the AG’s office wants more information.

Most non-profits are required to file Form 990s with the IRS, which are considered public documents.   The Race for Humanity is not “most non-profits.”  This organization has the name of an elected official as part of its official name, his sister is the CEO, she works out of his taxpayer funded Supervisor’s office using county resources and Supervisor Stone has “given” over $300,000 of taxpayer funds to the organization.

Because of his unusually close relationship to the organization, it is time for Supervisor Jeff Stone and Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone’s Race for Humanity to open its books to the public and lead by example.

Taxpayers should demand nothing less than complete transparency.

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