SD CityBeat: Do Journalistic Standards Include Personal Death Wishes?

James Behan James Behan


Yesterday San Diego CityBeat’s John Lamb posted this on Twitter:

“(johnrlamb) X’s fingers @TonyKrvaric continues his meatball/beer/mashed-potato/beer/boiled-egg/beer/boiled-potato/aquavit-chaser diet. #strokeofgenius”

In essence, Lamb was noting he was keeping his fingers crossed for Tony Krvaric (pictured below) to have a stroke.

While he will no doubt say that he was joking, and may at some point feign an apology, this provides an illuminating insight as to the mindset of San Diego CityBeat.

CityBeat is nothing short of a Democratic and labor union press release machine intent on pushing a liberal agenda and slamming conservatives. The effort to remain objective has long ago been abandoned and goes well beyond simply leaning left. Lamb’s latest public comment with a death wish to the chair of the Republican Party is just a string of attacks and biased reporting that Republican candidates and officials have had to endure.

The response of CityBeat Editor Dave Rolland left much to be desired and provides further insight in to how far up the food chain the wink and a nod liberal bias at CityBeat goes, while masquerading as journalism. Rolland tweeted, “No, he said his real hope was that Krvaric would eat more veggies,” followed by, “Oh, and don’t confuse alt-weekly writers with politicians. We don’t apologize every time panties are twisted.”

No, Mr. Rolland. We thought that even “alt-weekly writers” would abide by some journalistic standards, which would presumably not include a death wish for the the local Republican Party chairman.

It shouldn’t be at all surprising that when Lamb was called out on his poor taste in his comment, none other than labor’s top guns Lorena Gonzalez and Brian Marvel came to Lamb’s rescue. This shows how important they consider CityBeat’s reputation to be as it consistently and shamelessly advocates their agenda.

While pushing the liberal agenda is acceptable in the course of political dialogue, to do it under the flag of an objective news service — or even basic journalism — is disingenuous and should be called out for what it is.

Active GOP candidates and elected officials would be wise to simply ignore this organization and its “reporters.” Engaging in interviews and comments is as absurd as commenting to Lorena Gonzalez herself before she puts out a press release trashing you.

All fair minded San Diegans should ignore this publication, or at least treat it for what it is; a mouthpiece for liberal activists masquerading as journalism. Republican candidates and elected officials should ignore them altogether — as some already do.