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It’s a Final Now! …. Complete Returns confirm the Right sweeps the ‘Big 5′ of San Diego elections

The San Diego vote count effectively ended today, with over 900,000 ballots processed (!) and only a paltry 500 left. Congratulations to the hard-working Registrar of Voters staff for a job well done !

Final results confirm the Conservative-Libertarian-Business coalition swept the 5 biggest local races in San Diego local government. Please note that 3 of the 5 contests were fairly close. Hat tip to the mostly women volunteers who ran 7 regional HQs for the Republican Party of San Diego. With guidance by Tony Krvaric and Barrett Tetlow, the GOP boosted rank-and-file turnout by 4% relative to Democrats. 4% can win a lot of elections.

In Escondido, Ed Gallo has completed the conservative sweep led by Marie Waldron and Sam Abed, defeating Lori Holt Pfeiler by 39 votes.

There are many positive lessons to take from these successes, and a focus on grassroots, retail politics, and good old-fashioned shoe leather top the list for this weary but happy Observer.

Take a bow, all of you who helped make this 5-game sweep possible! Let’s do it again in 2012.

(You can review all local results at the SD Registrar’s website. Here that is:

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