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“It is what it is”

KUSI News - San Diego, CA

“But when homeowners turn to the county for help, they get nothing…”

This quote is a really good summary of the attitude that Dianne Jacob has about the people she “represents.”

Watch the news report from KUSI. It perfectly captures the problem we in East County face.

A public drainage system under a home is Spring Valley is leaking, which leads to a massive ground collapse adjacent to the house. The property is in unincorporated San Diego County, so they need to turn to their County Supervisor for assistance. Unfortunately, Dianne Jacob, their Supervisor, is typically unresponsive to these kinds of complaints. So, the homeowners turn to Michael Turko, KUSI’s consumer advocate.

Of course, when Turko calls, Supervisor Jacob begins realizes she needs to at least pretend to care. But not too much. This is her answer when confronted with a problem created by the poorly maintained public infrastructure: “It is what it is.”

As Turko said, in this case, “county government refuses to deal with a public problem.”

After holding the same office for more than twenty-four years, I suppose you forget who you work for. That definitely seems to be the case with Dianne Jacob.

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