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Issa Sells out Religious Liberty and Endangers the Safety of Women

I am a bit surprised to see Congressman Darrel Issa climb aboard the Trump train. While he likes to send out press releases that make him look like the second coming of Ronald Reagan, his Congressional voting record is simply not as conservative as he wants people to believe. Indeed, his most recent Conservative Review rating for 2015 is only 59 percent. He voted wrong nearly 40% of time on issues dear to conservatives.

Issa is really a creature of the GOP establishment, the same establishment that Trump rails against. A classic example of his establishment credentials is his recent vote in favor of the “Maloney Amendment,” which codifies one of Obama’s many illegal executive orders, this one barring private businesses from performing contract work for the Federal government if they engage in “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation and gender identity” in their private employment policies.

The executive order – which was never voted on by Congress in 2014 – will force businesses to allow men to use women’s bathrooms and showers. It will force private adoption agencies to adopt children out equally to homosexual parents. Many legal experts believe that this order will even be used to force businesses to adopt “gender-neutral” language since “he,” “she” and other gender specific pronouns supposedly create a “hostile environment.” The codification of this executive order is a gift to the homosexual legal groups which hope to launch yet another onslaught of legal attacks on the business world and upon the First Amendment.

This comes on the heels of yet another Obama executive order that forces all colleges to open female bathrooms and showers to men who have “female feelings.” I’m still waiting for Issa to speak out against this abuse of executive authority. Remember, congressional Republicans control the budget but no effort has ever been made to cut the funding for the Department of Justice, the agency charged with carrying out many of these illegal executive orders.

Issa was one of 43 Republican congressmen to vote for the Maloney Amendment, and along with the failure of the Republicans to fight any of Obama’s anti-Christian and unconstitutional executive orders, such inaction is exactly why Donald Trump is as popular as he is. Granting legal force to the homosexual and “transgendered” agenda is an appalling sell-out of GOP principles. Americans should be free to contract with the government without penalty due to their religious beliefs about a lifestyle many believe are in conflict with their moral beliefs. The basic impact of this order is to ban a large sector of the faith community from doing business with the federal government. So transsexuals can now force themselves into women’s bathrooms and bible-believing Christians can no longer do business with our government. This is how Obama is transforming America.

The Obama era has unleashed an onslaught upon religious liberty due to the First Amendment being undermined by a body of law based upon sexual practices never proven to be genetic. The left loves to compare homosexuality and transgenderism to race but there’s no such comparison. Race is genetic, homosexuality is not. None of the medical or psychological professional organizations will proclaim homosexuality or transgenderism to be genetic. These behaviors remain, as scores of studies have shown, to be highly addictive behaviors usually traced to traumatic incidents during one’s youth. It is not a coincidence that the vast majority of homosexuals were molested or abused in their youth. These people need help, not empowerment.

By codifying such laws based upon this type of behavior, Issa is contributing to the creation of a legal climate that places the practice of such behavior above religious liberty. Already, dozens of lawsuits targeting Christian schools, adoption agencies, florists, bakers, etc. have been initiated in the aftermath of the Obergfell Supreme Court Decision. This decision gave the green light to well-funded gay legal groups to destroy what’s left of the First Amendment. The ultimate goal, of course, is the shutting down of churches that preach homosexual behavior is a sin and forcing all Christian private schools to hire homosexual teachers, which will lead to many of them closing their doors. This should be appalling not just to Christians but to libertarians and all who believe in freedom and small government.

While Issa and the other 42 RINO Republicans may think of themselves as “civil right” heroes, they are, in reality, simply pawns in the gay legal strategy to gut the First Amendment, destroy America’s Christian heritage, and grow the power of the Federal government. Issa may be a smart businessman, but he’s dumb as a doorknob when it comes to the culture war, which I doubt he even knows we are in the midst of fighting.

Indeed, as I write this piece, bills are working their way through the California Legislature that will force all private Christian schools to hire homosexual teachers and to comply with the transgendered agenda – such as allowing males in live in female dorms with a female roommate. Failure to do so will result in a cut-off of any state financial aid any of the students may have. The bills are being called “Armageddon” by the Christian community as their passage will likely result in the end of private Christian education in California. Why hasn’t Congressman Issa spoken out about this? Does he not represent any Christians in his district? Or does he just care about the gay and “transgendered” community?

Already, the failure of Republicans like Issa to fight the left’s agenda is having a devastating impact upon our families and children. An eight-year-old girl was assaulted by a man in a bathroom last week in Chicago. A woman in Los Angeles was recently sexually assaulted by a man in public restroom. In Yolo, California, another man was arrested for committed sodomy on a minor in library restroom. Indeed, men entering bathrooms to fondle, film or assault females are becoming epidemic. Here is a list of 50 bathroom incidents involving children and females. And it WILL get much worse.

The bigger issue is that Obama has transformed the Executive Branch into a corrupt, anti-constitutional branch which seems to have no fear of Congress. Indeed, Congressman Issa was chairman of the House’s Government Oversight Committee from January, 2011 to November, 2014, and he held dozens of hearings on Obama’s numerous scandals and illegal Executive Branch actions. Issa sent out hundreds of press releases and he for a while he appeared everywhere in the media crowing about how he will hold Obama and his appointees accountable. The problem is, no one was held accountable; no one has gone to prison and no one has even been charged with any crimes. The Republican majority has allowed perhaps the most criminal administration in history to do anything they want without any consequences. And the point man was Congressman Issa.

The Obama administration tampered with the 2012 elections by using the IRS to silence around 500 conservative/tea party groups; they lied about many aspects of Obama care; they misled Americans about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi; they gave hundreds of automatic weapons to drug cartels that were used to kill hundreds of people on both sides of the border, including at least one border patrol agent. But no one has been held accountable.

Indeed, most of these scandals were exposed not by Issa’s committee, but instead by a tiny watchdog group called Judicial Watch, which, as a private group, has been far more successful in exposing the corruption and holding people accountable; the Issa committee can only dream about such success. Sure, Issa’s committee did hold in contempt Attorney General Eric Holder and IRS official Lois Lerner, but big deal. Neither has served a second in jail nor been held accountable in any way for their gross illegal actions.

Indeed, the Obama era was the perfect opportunity for the House Republicans to return to the constitutional idea of three equal branches that are able to hold each other accountable. As any constitutional scholar will tell you, the House actually has the power to not only subpoena people but to arrest them, bring them forcibly to congress, try them for crimes and even jail them.

In 1795, shortly after the Constitution was ratified, the Congressional Sergeant of Arms arrested and detained two men accused of bribing members of Congress. The house held a trial and convicted one of them. A few years later, the famous Sam Houston was arrested by the Sergeant of Arms for assaulting a Congressman. He was also tried by the House. In 1833, legendary Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story wrote that the power to arrest people and forcibly bring them to Congress is necessary “for either house to perform its constitutional functions.”

Indeed, the Supreme Court in 1821 upheld the right of congress to imprison those who ignored contempt orders. During the 1927 Teapot Dome scandal, the House arrested people for refusing to testify. In April, 2014, the Congressional Research Service released a report that said that “under the inherent contempt power the individual is brought before the house or senate by the sergeant of arms, tried at the bar of the body, and can be imprisoned or detained n the capital or perhaps elsewhere.”

As the chairman of the Government Accountability Committee in the midst of such a criminal regime, Issa had the opportunity to restore the Legislative Branch to its rightful place by exercising its constitutional right to arrest, try, convict and even jail those who refuse to testify such as Lois Lerner. But Issa appears to have taken orders from the Congressional Republican leadership that was and is more concerned with getting along with Obama than holding him and his hacks accountable.

This is why 13,000 San Diegans attended the Trump rally at the Convention Center. Americans are tired of Republicans refusing to fight for our constitutional rights and allowing the Obama regime to destroy our freedoms. If Issa is not willing to stand up for the constitution, then he should resign his office. If you are in Issa’s congressional district, perhaps it is time to start monitoring how he is voting.


Baldwin is a former member of the California State Assembly.

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