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Issa or Campa-Najjar: Who Really Represents the District’s Values?

A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

PART I of my series on Campa-Najjar.

The setting was 2018 – the board of supervisors, 5th District debate. Putting on the event and being proper, I invited the usual VIPs to support their candidates. I welcomed those who showed up, including San Diego Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes, who came to support her candidate, Michelle Gomez (D). Ironically, the Duncan Hunter (R) camp wouldn’t commit to debating Ammar Campa-Najjar, so I didn’t have the honor of meeting or getting to know him at that point. That said, Ms. Hayes and I had a short and cordial conversation.

She profusely thanked me for putting on the event and with good reason. Her candidate, trailing, desperately needed the debate and exposure. We then went our separate ways.

Fast-forward to election night and, Ms. Hayes’ comments on Immigration:

It was a 180-degree turn from our conversation one-month earlier. Ms. Hayes suggested Republicans are NAZIs. Sadly, winning can do that. Winners with no grace speak what they believe – as if their win will permanently change public belief forever. Obviously, at the debate, she told me what she thought I wanted to hear. Obviously, she wasn’t truthful.


That brings us to Ammar Campa-Najjar and his four-year campaign for a two-year job. Campaigning for two election cycles has allowed him to create a near-perfect persona of himself as a moderate. He even claims the most conservative mantel – jokingly but at times, seriously.


When I led the charge to put on the 50th Congressional Forum in the primary – as moderator, I always ask the candidates if they would like to meet. It’s an opportunity for them to share their concerns, ask questions, etc. To help understand each other and create a productive forum or debate.

I did the same with Campa-Najjar, and you can’t help but like him. He’s charismatic and polished. However, I’ve been around the block, and while I take these meetings seriously, I’m also sensible – they’re politicians, they always have an angle. Most are cordial, some do politic to push me in a particular direction, but I’ve also responded and tweaked the debate or forums based on their suggestions. It’s an open discussion.

Our committee has included Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians. My track record shows I can work with all sides. It’s why I can put on successful debates, but meeting with the candidates is helpful and the meeting with Campa-Najjar was productive.


However, a candidate will tell constituents what they want to hear. It’s been that way since the dawn of time and has led to dictators, murderers, despots, and other forms of tyranny leading their people down a road no one thought possible. Wicked men and women can rise to power with the tongue of a serpent.

After four years on the campaign trail, when you’re charismatic, working it every day means becoming polished is an effortless task. You become as good as a used car salesperson selling you that Pinto and you drive off the lot thinking you’re getting a poor man’s Porsche versus a death trap.

That’s not a knock on Campa-Najjar, but the reality of political candidates. Case in point.

Campa-Najjar’s so polished he probably felt he could get away with the following statement:


Let me break the suspense. Campa-Najjar voted for Joe Biden!

Campa-Najjar’s statement will be viewed as a politician telling the group what they wanted to hear. To get them to question voting for the Republican candidate, Darrell Issa. Nothing more, nothing less.

An excellent example showing why we must be wary of what a candidate tells us for our vote. Had he voted for President Donald J. Trump; we could talk about him truly representing the district’s will, but he didn’t!

Ironically, this was an unforced error because no one in their right mind would think Campa-Najjar would vote for President Donald Trump.


Let’s find out if he’s willing to say anything to win or if he’s genuine. Regardless, for the Union-Tribune. If someone’s telling us what they think we want to hear to get our vote. They’re treating us derogatorily – typical of the Union-Tribune, honoring the ways of “yellow journalism,” with one-sided views.

How do we find out if he’s going to “say anything to get elected”? Well, there are various ways.

Okay people let’s break these issues down in greater detail.

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

PART II of my series on Campa-Najjar.


In 2018, I chastised and told representatives from the Duncan Hunter campaign; I disagreed with their strategy and tactics tying Campa-Najjar’s grandfather – who was part of the Munich Massacre – to Campa-Najjar.

While true, the implication being Campa-Najjar is a terrorist was out of bounds. There’s a saying regarding the sons not being bound by the sins of the father. Specifically:

I told one of Hunter’s representatives I felt questions about his past should be more simplistic and direct:

Those are legitimate questions, but the grandfather attacks – I disagree.

Some will attack me for bringing this up and state, I’m no different from the Hunter campaign, because bringing it up, means I want people to see the connection. My response? Stop your self-righteous soapbox crusade. It’s brought up to show Campa-Najjar’s hypocrisy.

Author’s note:
Critics condemning the above for sourcing; you can’t have it both ways. If you do, then Campa-Najjar’s a hypocrite of exponential measure!

End Author’s note.


The Campa-Najjar camp has done what they condemned the Hunter campaign of doing. Making accusations with no proof. When Campa-Najjar rejected his grandfather’s actions, I’m sure his frustration grew because the attacks didn’t stop.

However, this is the pot calling the kettle black! With no proof, he’s accused Issa of taking $150,000 through the PPP program and transferring it to his campaign. His evidence for continuing his attack; another “outside” group making the same claim.

Listen people; many “outside” groups were claiming Campa-Najjar’s ties to his grandfather made him a terrorist with donations by CAIR. As you can see, using Campa-Najjar’s logic to justify his attacks, he would have no choice but to accept, Hunter’s attacks as fine, considering he’s doing the same.

When you accuse your opponent of doing what you’re doing? We call that hypocrisy!

Campa-Najjar has no proof Issa did what he’s accusing him of doing. If I thought Hunter’s strategy and tactics were wrong and out of bounds, you can damn well bet I feel the same here!


Reports state, Issa’s worth over $400 million! Why would a politician with his experience do something stupid, like this? It could not only cost him the election but bring serious legal charges.

The logical answer is that he wouldn’t. That’s what I believe – unless Campa-Najjar has proof, he’s being a hypocrite, complaining about campaign tactics against him while using those same tactics himself. Desperation? Who knows but it’s clearly hypocritical.

The irony is rich – preach and chastise us on right and wrong, while Campa-Najjar follows the proverb, “Do as I say, not as I do.” We must ask ourselves:

While I only touched on the PPP accusation, Campa-Najjar also went back 40-years into Issa’s past to bring up his youth. Again, another example of hypocrisy by Campa-Najjar to tie Issa’s youth and mistakes into the man he is today. Absurd and I believe reeks of desperation! Inside polling is probably not going as well for this false accusation to be made.

Despite false accusations, Campa-Najjar states he’s a moderate, and more conservative than the others in this race, going back to the primary. Bold claims, but we’ve heard similar because 31 first-time candidates running for Congress won their election. These freshman Democrats won in districts President Trump took in 2016.

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

PART III of my series on Campa-Najjar.


They portrayed themselves as:

Sound familiar? Yes, because for four years we’ve heard similar from Campa-Najjar. Again, candidates never holding office can say anything they want, especially when they give their detailed plans to change the system.


The reality? As freshman representatives, no one cares about their “detailed plans.” They’re expected to fall in line and support the status quo. Occasionally, one stands out.

Someone like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) because the media can make stars out of politicians (break them too). AOC’s part of the new socialist wave that has captured the hearts and minds of the mainstream media, so she’s an exception.

We’re a conservative district, so Campa-Najjar can’t afford to stand out as a full-blown Democrat in front of cameras but would likely quietly vote lockstep with his party – Democrats.

The 31 freshman Democrats can show us what to expect if we elect Campa-Najjar. The most straightforward example is the Impeachment Inquiry. Remember, they said, they’re not there to tow the party line or do Pelosi’s bidding but to represent the will of the people.

Most Trump districts felt Impeachment should not happen and was a sham.


All but two freshman Democrats voted to impeach, and they knew they were walking a tightrope. Hemming and hawing to avoid revealing what they would do until necessary. The two that didn’t – Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) and Collin Peterson (D-MN)

Notice Van Drew has an “R” by his name. He believes Impeachment was a sham and switched parties. Peterson followed the will of his district and agreed with them. His words were brave and fearless. Maybe more so than Van Drew because Peterson remains a Democrat.

Peterson’s the only Democrat who lived up to his word. I have no doubt Campa-Najjar will state he’s his own man, but this vote is a clear signal, there’s a 94% chance Campa-Najjar will vote the party line.

This is a damning, if very general, statistic, but between backpedaling and apologizing to his base, along with his very leftist endorsements, everything points to Campa-Najjar leaning much farther left than the moderate he’s claiming to be.

When you have this many freshman Democrats stating one thing to their district constituents to gain votes and then betray them once elected, what makes anyone believe Campa-Najjar will be different?

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

PART IV of my series on Campa-Najjar.


You always know a candidate’s true colors when he says one thing to nonparty members and says something else – their true beliefs – to their party. It’s common in politics and one reason we’ve come to loathe them.

When speaking to their party, politicians freely talk because they’re all ideologically aligned. The double-talk comes in as they try to walk the fine line – for votes – and tell us what we want to hear. In this case, it’s Republicans, Libertarians, and conservatives.

How much “double-talk” has Ammar Campa-Najjar done?


Campa-Najjar went live on a video with an East County group called “Defend East County. (DEC)” Their group came into being, after the violent looting and destruction of businesses – some minority owned – by Black Lives Matter (#BLM) and #ANTIFA. These two groups across the country are purposely attacking, maiming, and even murdering innocent civilians with video documentation as proof.

Those two groups consist of Marxists, fascists, and racists, and no, they are not peaceful. Like clockwork, once the sun sets, the violence, looting, destruction and attacking of innocent civilians begin and it continues to this day.

The mainstream media isn’t covering it because polling showed it’s now hurting their Democrat candidates!

You don’t have to believe me. You can watch videos from around the country, specifically from reporter Andy Ngo who BLM and ANTIFA viciously beat. Then there’s the mainstream media smearing him because he has the courage to video these violent riots.

That’s a huge no-no, as the mainstream media tries to control the narrative by downplaying the violence or not reporting when it happens. DEC has been the victim of the local Democratic party and media, such as KPBS, to create a negative narrative on another group that won’t fall in line with leftist values.

That’s why DEC came into being. Americans are fearful because the police won’t protect them and around the country, local governments won’t prosecute the offenders. The Democratic Party’s take on any group that doesn’t agree with them – they’re not liberal, so they’re racist.

One can assume they’re not racist because both Campa-Najjar and Darrell Issa spoke to them. A reminder – remember how the Tea Party was racist? Furthest from the truth and I wrote on that years ago. If DEC was racist, neither candidate would’ve spoken to them.

However, this is what Democrats do – use the most derogatory words to accuse opposing groups of racism. People are finally seeing through that. Current San Diego Democratic Party Chair Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, like his predecessor, has no qualms accusing anyone as racist if they disagree with his ideology, all the while hiding behind his culture.

This Latino can tell you the truth – using Rodriguez-Kennedy’s own rules of racism – he would be a racist under the criteria he accuses others. As a Latino I’ve seen his kind – Latino liberals – do this over and over because it’s rarely challenged. He holds no self-righteous morality over anyone, until he looks in the mirror and he likely never will.

Regardless every group has their renounced outcast idiot, that hurts their cause. Even after denouncing them, groups like the Democrats ignore it to paint a broad brush to destroy them. It’s what they do and we saw that in this instance.


Once party leaders and activists began condemning him, Campa-Najjar knew he had to get back to his base. He had no choice, and he must abide party leader demands, whether official or activist. This quote in an online article, shows his backpedaling and immediate apology.

This would be believable if he had any comments or statements consistently calling out BLM and ANTIFA violence. I’ve never read or heard him condemn the BLM comments such as, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” about violence toward police or violence in general. We’ve seen that violence and there’s video too, but not a word of condemnation.

Democrats don’t specifically condemn BLM or ANTIFA. What they do is condemn violence in general. It’s a political answer but not one we must accept. Conservatives and even moderates – many Democrats have fallen victim to the violence as well – condemn these groups specifically. Where’s Campa-Najjar’s specific and consistent condemnation?

One would think if he’s the moderate he claims, he’d be pointing out and speaking truths about BLM, their Marxist movement built around racism and ANTIFA and their fascist movement. He won’t because to speak the truth would be to condemn everything he’s worked toward, the past four years – misleading us into thinking he’s a moderate.


Campa-Najjar told us he’s a moderate when it came to the Impeachment inquiry and trial. However, an interesting op-ed, with a title implying President Donald Trump and the Republicans are what’s wrong.

When you read it, you quickly realize it’s a “nod” to Democrats, that he’s not forgotten his roots and his Democratic Party loyalty.

Not many in the 50th District know Campa-Najjar wrote an op-ed on the impeachment trial. Why don’t they know? Likely, because he attacked Senate Republicans.


Instead of being truthful about the full process – House and Senate – Campa-Najjar attacked Senate Republicans, fully putting the blame on them. Some will say, “William, he was talking about the Senate trial, not the House process!”

Well, if he’s the moderate or “Blue Dog” candidate he claims to be, shouldn’t he have been truthful by adding actions the House took, forcing the Senate to take the role they did.

Campa-Najjar, blaming the Senate on partisanship when they followed trial rules is precious when you realize the House of Representatives’ partisanship that led to the senate trial’s swiftness and exoneration.


Campa-Najjar failed to state that House Democrats refused to include Republicans in the process, thus ensuring no bipartisan support. House Democrats refused Republican witnesses but the crowning disgrace?

House Democrats purposely rushed the inquiry by claiming urgency. Only to show hypocrisy by waiting one month before sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Articles most analysts agreed, was weak and would not result in prosecution.


Campa-Najjar continues by focusing on taking the impeachment trial from the Senate. Yet, he made no mention of looking toward a more unbiased body to replace the House inquiry responsibility.

Neither should happen but the fact he suggests this shows where his true stance and allegiance lies.

He wrote this because the Republicans control the Senate and Democrats control the House. Again, sending a message to his Democratic base and party, that he’s still their man.

In the Richard Nixon impeachment case, it never went to a Senate trial because there was bipartisan support in the House. Nixon saw the writing on the wall by resigning. If you can’t find bipartisan support when conducting an inquiry as serious as impeachment – odds are great – it’s a witch-hunt.

The American people aren’t stupid. If a politician’s guilty, strong bipartisan support will show and empower the people’s will and force their representatives to follow through. There was no bipartisan support or evidence here. It was nothing but hearsay and the new witnesses the House demanded the Senate must hear? The House refused to bring them in!

The Democrats and Campa-Najjar’s resentment on the trial are without merit because it’s not the Senate’s job to continue an inquiry that was the House’s responsibility. A responsibility, they purposely failed to do.

The House played politics, and whether you agree or not, the Senate followed the rules of Impeachment. In the end, it boiled down to, “We don’t like Trump, so we’re going to impeach him.”


One question Campa-Najjar never considered? Were Senate Democrat’s unbiased? Most historians and analysts stated, there wasn’t enough to impeach the president. So, did any Democrat Senators vote to acquit? None, but did Campa-Najjar write on that? No, because Campa-Najjar wrote the op-ed for his base, not truths.

Ironically, Republicans did have one RINO that flipped – Mitt Romney (R-UT), with historians and analysts assuming his hatred toward Trump drives certain votes. Technically, the Republicans were more bipartisan than the Democrats.


How do we know Impeachment was nothing but a political weapon? Easy. Pelosi threatened President Trump with Impeachment again if he went through with the Amy Conney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

She has no basis for another impeachment, but there she was, threatening the president. Using Impeachment like a Democratic weapon in her “quiver” to use when Democrats need to get their way.

Thus, proving the first impeachment inquiry’s goal was to lower the bar for Impeachment – against the founder’s wishes – to remove a duly elected President of the United States for political gain.

For Campa-Najjar to blame only Republicans tips his hand, and because of this op-ed, we can assume, he would’ve voted to impeach President Trump. That article speaks volumes, and reading it, clearly shows what Campa-Najjar isn’t – the moderate he claims.

A true moderate would’ve accepted where it went wrong. There is no questioning the House’s rush and partisanship in the impeachment inquiry created a weak case sent to the Senate, resulting in a quick acquittal. He never discussed or admitted that as any “conservative” seeking to represent our district would have.

If he doesn’t dare to be truthful in an op-ed, there’s no way he has the will to go against the party, its surrogates, and supporters that’s funded his four-year campaign.

The truth this article did show. Campa-Najjar giving a wink, wink, to his Democratic base to show he’s still who they think he is – a loyal Democrat, they can count on.

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

PART V of my series on Campa-Najjar.


Ammar Campa-Najjar states he’s the most conservative candidate in this race. He not always joking when he says it. As a marketer, there’s one rule everyone learns. It’s also true in politics.

It’s why Campa-Najjar has a stunning list of endorsements he refuses to post on his website. They’re from leaders of the Democratic Party who endorse candidates of like-mind ideology. These endorsements aren’t extremists but party leaders and elders. They wouldn’t endorse unless their ideology aligns with Campa-Najjar’s. Those endorsements destroy his carefully crafted “moderate” persona.

Hiding endorsements is a common practice in political strategy and tactics, and we can’t ignore it. The Campa-Najjar strategy creates a moderate candidate persona as the key to getting him over the hump after analyzing the 2018 defeat.

It’s what Democrats did with Mike Levin in the 49th district – turn a hardcore ultra-leftist, into a moderate Democrat.

Campa-Najjar isn’t “evolving” ideologically. Instead, it’s part of an evolving campaign strategy – hide endorsements that reveal your true nature and character.

When confronted about some of these endorsements, Campa-Najjar claims he can’t control who endorses him, and that’s true. He could renounce them, but these endorsements aren’t from extremists and you don’t go against the party like that.

No one should rightfully expect him to renounce them but it’s clear, he’s hiding extreme leftist party leader endorsements that would shatter his “moderate” persona.

He’s not a moderate who’ll vote what the district wants but what the party tells him.


The Sierra Club is a formerly bipartisan group that become ultraleft after David Gelbaum, a Wall Street investor, gave them hundreds of millions. His condition? The spigot would dry up if they came out anti-immigration.


These are heavy-duty endorsements who Republicans, conservatives, and Libertarians see as extreme leftists leading not only the nation but California down the path of destruction. California has the numbers to show the road to purgatory is real.

These Democrat representatives wouldn’t endorse a candidate who states he’s moderate or even the most conservative in the race for the 50th. These representatives rarely, if ever, veered from voting the party line on major legislation, including far-left policies while shunning moderate points of view. These endorsements shed light to the belief Campa-Najjar would continue that trend.


The following left-wing, radical, elected politicians or high-ranking former politicians have endorsed Campa-Najjar, and he refuses to list them on his website.

Again, he states he can’t control endorsements, but these are not endorsements from renounced extremists, but party leaders. Campa-Najjar refuses to renounce them, just hide them from us.


These are far-left Democratic leaders who have endorsed Campa-Najjar that he refuses to list on his website. Does it show who he is? A leftist and a potentially radical, extreme, far-leftist? These endorsements lead us to say yes.

Continue to PART VI of my series on Campa-Najjar.

 A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

PART VI of my series on Campa-Najjar.


Ammar Campa-Najjar owns guns and claims he’s a proponent of the 2nd Amendment, and I believe him, but there are levels of belief politicians use to make that statement.

In other words, they have rules on how far the Second Amendment should extend to us as they fully exploit their rights to protect themselves.


My primary concern is Campa-Najjar’s knowledge. When someone tweets, the following:

Assault weapons is a term created by the Democratic Party. From the New York Times:

Here’s the issue – Democrats use this term to confuse and misrepresent the public, specifically to take advantage to classify guns. Enter legislatures that take it on themselves to label which guns are assault weapons. One criterion they use – pick what’s popular with the goal of taking as much of our #2A rights away – with the help of activist judges.

Look at the statement of what is an assault weapon – “military style features.” They use the aesthetic features of a firearm to ban them. Does the AR-15 ring a bell?

Do we want someone who doesn’t understand what a gun is or purposely uses a purposely flawed definition to tell us what firearms we can own? No, we don’t!

Campa-Najjar should know better. Thus, we can only assume his statement shows the Campa-Najjar we will have as a politician versus what he’s telling us. A moderate or conservative won’t recognize that definition as legitimate, but a Democrat leftist does.


Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) once held a concealed carry permit to protect herself after becoming a target of the “New World Liberation Front.” Rightfully so, she fulfilled her rights to the Second Amendment. However, after making it to Congress, she changed, supporting one gun law after another that would strip our Second Amendment rights. All the while, she travels with armed security.

Alyssa Milano is an ardent antigun, anti-second-amendment activist – well, she’s an overall leftist activist. She would have us live by her rules that take our second amendment rights while she uses them to protect herself. Her hypocrisy is beyond redemption, as the following example shows:

Just because Campa-Najjar own’s guns and states he’s a believer in the Second Amendment doesn’t mean he won’t vote to limit our #2A rights – look at Feinstein and Milano.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude the following:

  1. When you use the term “assault weapons ban” to predicate laws to limit the Second Amendment, you don’t know firearms.
  2. Just because you own a firearm doesn’t’ mean you want us or will allow us to.
  3. History has shown, Democrats abuse the term “assault weapons” for one reason – to make everyday guns illegal.

The examples I mentioned aren’t the exception but the norm with Campa-Najjar’s Democratic Party.


One of the worst full-blown, antigun rights zealots and a far-left Democrat leftist, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), endorsed Campa-Najjar. Sadly, he’s better known for passing gas on national television, but this Campa-Najjar supporter has too many shocking antigun beliefs:

These are well-known Democratic Party tactics to mislabel weapons purposely. It’s a way around the Second Amendment and how they’re slowly stripping us of our rights. That’s not even mentioning the cost to get a gun that’s purposely damaging to the poor.


However, we know Darrell Issa is a defender of the Second Amendment. He has an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and has a positive voting record in defending our rights. Issa may have faults, but at least I know his voting record with the Second Amendment.

If you believe in the Second Amendment, there’s no doubt who your vote should go to.

Continue to PART VII of my series on Campa-Najjar.

A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

PART VII of my series on Campa-Najjar.


There’s no doubt, Ammar Campa-Najjar is polished. So polished, he’s been fooling many NPP (No Party Preference), Blue Dog Democrats (moderate), and even some moderate Republicans and Libertarians.

As anyone can see, once you analyze the data, there’s no question. We can answer the San Diego Union-Tribune gut feeling:

Campa-Najjar is no different from any other candidate without a track record, and he won’t be the last first-time candidate to run for Congress. After two election cycles, Campa-Najjar is brilliant in telling us what we want to hear. When you add charisma and four-years to build that persona, the results are terrifyingly convincing!

The key components showing Campa-Najjar isn’t a moderate or the conservative he claims is easily done by reviewing:


We know first-time candidates in his same position in 2018 – running in Trump districts – promised the world to their constituents. These candidates spoke on fairness, following the district’s will, and they weren’t going to D.C. to be any party leader’s minion.

When the chips were on the line to represent their districts’ will, 29 of 31 freshmen Democrats folded when voting for Impeachment. They fell right in line, doing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) bidding, with only two having the moral compass to vote their district’s will. Campa-Najjar would be no different, falling in line like 29 of the 31 did.


We saw Campa-Najjar use the same tactics toward the Issa camp that Hunter used toward him. Campa-Najjar cried foul, and many of us agreed with him when his ties to his terrorist grandfather became known. Yet, Campa-Najjar exposed his own hypocrisy when he used the same dirty tactics by accusing Issa without proof (PPP) and then trying to paint him as an evil character from 40-years ago.

I expected more out of Campa-Najjar. Well, truthfully, I didn’t, but I hoped he wouldn’t, but he did. A sign of desperation? Possibly, but one that unmasked him, revealing hypocrisy and a campaign tactic American’s are sick of – doing what you accuse others of doing.


We’ve learned when his confidence gets the best of him, and he crosses the line, Democratic Party leaders and activists will chastise him, forcing an apology. In the case of DEC, throwing them completely under the bus. That is to show his base, he’s a loyal Democrat first.

Campa-Najjar’s op-ed to his base and party leaders only criticizes, condemns, and speaks on removing the Senate’s responsibilities (Republican controlled). He completely ignores the bias the House performed (Democratic controlled) in the Impeachment Inquiry that led to a quick Senate trial and acquittal.

We saw this back pedaling with his meeting with Defend East County (DEC) and Democrats, forcing him to apologize, and condemn DEC.

Yet we’ve not heard Campa-Najjar specifically condemn BLM or ANTIFA, two groups rioting, destroying, looting, maiming, and at times murdering innocents. Let’s never forget retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, brutally taken out by those who believe in their ideology.

These two instances clearly show Campa-Najjar is willing to tell us one thing, then apologize with the good old “wink, wink” to his base and party leaders.


Campa-Najjar’s supporters state he’s a proponent of the Second Amendment, but his own words betray him as he spouts the party line and belief:

By making that comment, Campa-Najjar understands where his party stands when using the term “assault weapons.” He knows Democrats can and will classify as many firearms as possible as “assault weapons” to make them illegal.

Luckily, we have a judicial system, but it’s an endless battle as Democrats move quickly to overwhelm courts as Second Amendment activists try to protect our rights. Campa-Najjar is likely to do what’s necessary to help his party make that happen in Congress – regardless if he owns guns too.

We’ve seen other politicians expressly use their Second Amendment to protect themselves while denying them to us. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Alyssa Milano quickly come to mind.


Worst of all are Campa-Najjar’s hidden endorsements that expose his ideology. His excuse is that he can’t do anything about them, but if he’s representative of our district and, as he says, the most conservative candidate, then renounce them! That’ll never happen – it would be political suicide because the Democratic Party and their supporters are funding his campaign this cycle and future cycles.

These endorsements came from leftist Democratic Party leaders who wouldn’t endorse unless their ideology aligns with Campa-Najjar’s, and they know they can count on his vote.


Let’s remember a few classics, telling us what we want to hear from his party elders that endorse him:

Classics from former President Barrack Hussein Obama:

Campa-Najjar worked for the Obama and Biden administration, supporting its policies that hurt America and constituents in the 50th Congressional District. However, let’s not forget Obama’s most infamous line:

This policy cost millions of people financially and put an undue burden on middle-class America. Right now, the Democratic Party is pushing socialized healthcare (single-pay) that Campa-Najjar will fall in line to support if he wants a political future. The Democratic Party won’t accept anything less with healthcare.


The good news? We know without a doubt, the only candidate with the values of the 50th Congressional District is Darrell Issa. However, the battle rages as ballot harvesting has the Democratic Party giddy because of their ability to exercise and carry out “voter fraud” through the harvesting of ballots:


Make sure to vote! Our lives and freedom depend on it because Democratic governments at the local to state level are imprisoning individuals for not wearing a mask. Yet, they’re letting rapists, murders, and others out of jail! Do we need to send another Democratic Party member who’ll tow the party line in votes and try to make some of these local and state actions legal federally?


Sure, Campa-Najjar will toss us a bone or two, but when it comes to his beliefs, Campa-Najjar’s all in to “transform” America into the vision Barrack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden envisioned from 2008-2016. That’s a transformation we can’t afford without destroying ourselves and future generations. There’s hope because there’s a candidate who shares our district’s values, Darrell Issa.


Never forget, a candidate with no track record of serving can say anything for a vote. There’s only one Republican conservative that shares this district’s values – Darrell Issa!


That’s why I, William Del Pilar, elected Valley Center official, and conservative Latino, proudly endorse and vote for Darrell Issa to represent the 50th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. I strongly encourage you to do the same.

William Del Pilar is politically active, currently sitting on the Valley Center Community Planning Group (VCCPG). As an entrepreneur, Del Pilar drove his fantasy sports company to set the standard for analysis and news distribution, helping commercialize the industry from 1997 to 2008. You can follow William on Twitter (@wdelpilar), where he posts daily, covering fantasy sports and politics.

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