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Well, Derrick Roach just pulled another one out of his hat. He was just at the Chula Vista City Council meeting where he skewered Mitch Thompson on a burning stick of proven corruption on Thompson’s part. Apparently Thompson purchased numerous properties while sitting on the CV Planning Commission – not illegal in a broad sense, however these properties were all within 500 feet of redevelopment zones in Chula Vista. Purchasing properties in these areas while serving on the Planning Commission is 1000% illegal. In addition, not only did he own these properties, but he voted on issues related to the very redevelopment zones where he owned property – making his pocket book a little fatter with the value of his property.

Thompson apparently never disclosed this little nugget of information when he voted, nor did he think to recuse himself. Obviously he thinks he can get away with anything – he should have thought twice with Derrick Roach in his town. Roach demanded the immediate resignation of Thompson and has filed a complaint with the CV Ethics Commission, the FPPC, the DA and the Attorney General’s offices.

Another interesting tidbit after getting my hands on a copy of the Ethics Violation complaint, it seems that Mr. Thompson also was sworn into office as an interim Councilman at the same time he was an active Planning Commissioner. The city specifically disallows serving on these two “panels” at the same time and, as Derreck put it, these would be considered incompatible offices to hold at the same time. Mr. Thompson did not resign from the Planning Commission until several weeks after being sworn into the Council. Let’s recap that immediately after being sworn into Council, Mr. Thompson voted Steve Padilla in as the new Port Commissioner. This begs the question… will this vote be considered legal? After all, he was sworn into office while serving on another office, deeming him unable to serve. We will see where this goes, but from my standpoint it will lead Mitch Thompson directly into a scalding hot scenario.

Good job Derrick!

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