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If Props 30 AND 38 pass, they might BOTH raise our taxes

Here’s today’s unsettling thought for California taxpayers — a factoid not being discussed. Props 30 and 38 can BOTH pass and, if the stars align right, raise our taxes TOGETHER.

As we all know, these are two competing massive state tax increases on the November ballot. When we have two conflicting measures that pass, the one with the most votes takes effect.

But as I understand it, the winner takes effect only on the CONFLICTING provisions — in this case, the increase in the state INCOME tax. If the “losing” prop includes OTHER provisions, then they still take effect.

So if Prop 38 passes with more votes than Prop 30 (and Prop 30 gets 50+% of the vote), then we will the the Prop 38 income tax rates — PLUS we will increase our state SALES tax.

Best of both worlds! IF you are a state or local government employee.

NOTE: If my interpretation of how this works is wrong, I would WELCOME a sourced correction. I’m not 100% sure I’ve got it right — but I think I’m correct.


Here’s what the stalwart leader of the SD Firefighters union tweeted in response to this possible double tax increase:

Frank De Clercq ‏@fadeclercq
@sandiegorostra @SD_TaxFighters Hopefully!

If asked how much taxes should be raised, the union bosses’ answer is ALWAYS the same: “More!” Their rapacious greed literally knows no bounds.

On the subject of “greed,” Thomas Sowell put it well:

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