“I am not sure why someone would hire a private investigator to follow someone,” said chief of staff Midori Wong.

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Then let me suggest, Ms. Wong, that you might not have the background for the job you now hold.

The ‘gentleman’ in question, if the news is correct, probably does not live in the city. This violates the law. That’s the priority here.


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  1. I wouldn’t be so quick to Judge, Mr. Murphy. I’m sure the folks at Two Cathedrals, or that nice Evan McLaughlin, have some perfectly reasonable explanation for an LA county resident being on a San Diego Commission, and pretending to live here in the meantime. Won’t you feel silly, Mr. Murphy, when Evan McLaughlin explains away all of that?

  2. What would be more interesting is if that former reporter knew. What if he knew? Gosh I mean the meetings over at Empower San Diego were private right? Right? Right……………..

  3. So they pick a young woman barely out of college, with no experience, to lead the commission and we expect anything more. Midori is clearly in over her head.

    First she cuts off questions about commissioners at a local open forum, now she makes a complete fool of herself on television.

    Maybe it’s time to resign Midori? It ain’t gonna get any better.

  4. Maybe because the local newspapers won’t do their jobs.

    Look I run in a couple of circles. It wasn’t much of a secret among people on the left that Carlos didn’t live in San Diego anymore. It had gotten to the point where it was a bit of a joke.

    Same thing goes with Empower San Diego. I mean I’ve got to admit the lack of scrutiny even sort of surprised me. You have labor’s main man over there drawing lines, which are then submitted as nonpartisan somehow? Not a peep.

    I read the Voice of San Diego, but they seem to be bending over backwards here to give the left such a fair chance that they are missing the actual stories and getting scooped by (blagh) tv news.

  5. This is becoming a joke. But I would really urge center-right activists to add to their plate REFORMING this mess in addition to trying to remove commissioners that shouldn’t be sitting. Why? Because a return to the pre-charter change status quo would NOT be good. Do you think we would get a good map if the current council was drawing lines? Foolish me but I count a 5 vote Dem majority there at the present.

  6. Let me edit that. Not becoming…Is. Sorry for the lack of proper verb tense before that first cup of java.

  7. I’m not sure if this is relevant or not, but I’ve decided to run for mayor of Honolulu.

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