My Observations on San Diego Firefighters

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by Mary Moran

Yes, everyone loves and appreciates firefighters when they are saving lives and homes. These amazing men place their lives on the line almost everyday. They are hard working! On a fire, often their shifts are 24 hours (with a few hours break for food and sleep) for up to 14 days straight. That’s extremely challenging physical work! Yet, did you know that a firefighter’s salary is relatively low?

It’s funny: in front of the TV, the leaders of our community are applauding the firefighters. They can’t say enough about how they are heroes, saving homes, saving lives, while placing their own lives on the line. Yet behind the scenes, people like Carl DeMaio are stripping the firefighters of their pensions AND death benefits (in case they die while saving lives, their family/children will not be taken care of).

“Pension Reform” has caused qualified firefighters to look elsewhere for positions in other fire departments. Also, the young firefighters are using San Diego as a training ground, and then they’ll move on to another fire department that offers benefits. Pension reform is actually wreaking havoc in our community, as there is now a shortage of qualified firefighters.

And why is it that the San Diego police were not stripped of their pensions via Proposition B? Was there a backroom deal between DeMaio and former Police Chief Jerry Sanders — in which SDPD pensions would not be touched in exchange for then Mayor Sanders’ help in supporting/promoting the Prop B Pension Reform initiative? Hmmm, makes you wonder doesn’t it?

How about some transparency in local government, the kind that DeMaio speaks of while he is out campaigning?!

Kindly say a prayer for our firefighters, and all first responders. Thank you.

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Moran is the wife of a firefighter