Miller campaign: Dumanis makes Jim’s case

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From the Jim Miller for Judge campaign…

Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying,

A people who trade their freedom for security deserve neither.”

Jim’s opponent has run on only one position; as a deputy DA he will keep us “safe” as a judge.  He brings 29 years of viewing everyone before him as a criminal. What a small window to view our community.

Conversely, Jim has spent an entire career representing you, your families and businesses as a private attorney in all 5 areas of the law our courts serve.  He has fought against the overreach of the government and the attempted taking of our constitutional rights in court, both State and Federal.  As a judge Jim will be open minded and remember that our freedoms must come first as per the US Constitution. Not some misplaced, blind and close-minded mentality that the government is always right.

DA Dumanis Makes Miller’s Case:

Recently the San Diego DA went on TV and even posted a letter supporting her own deputy for judge.  She went on to say how she and Sheriff Gore along with other downtown interests support Jim’s opponent.  In truth these interests have been picking judges for 30 years in San Diego and have never supported a private attorney over one of their own handpicked government types, most often deputy DA’s. This creates a massive conflict of interest.

Jim’s position is that Judges must be independent of the government offices and agencies that will come before the courts.  DA Dumanis has done a wonderful job of clarifying that she and her supporters want more power over our courts by selecting our judges.  Jim’s opponent has additional family members still working for DA Dumanis (a younger brother and a daughter).  Other than the obvious nepotism in the DA’s Office’s hiring practices, are we to truly think that Jim’s opponent will ever be “independent” of the DA’s office?  Of course not.

This is hardly the first time the DA’s office has tired to bend the courts to it’s will. There is a history of scandal in Dumanis’ deputies that cannot be overlooked.  From withholding of Constitutional defense evidence to deputies dating criminal defendants to blanket challenges of judges and ticket fixing.  DA Dumanis would like you to forget such things and simply elect her deputy as a judge.  Read each issue with the links listed on the right.  No private citizen should want any sitting DA, Sheriff, or other insider interest to hand pick our judges.

Thank you to DA Dumanis for clearly making the case as to why Jim Miller is the only independent and best choice to be our next judge in San Diego.


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