Eric Andersen: Support me for GOP Central Committee Treasurer

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Guest Commentary
by Eric Andersen

On Monday night we elect our new Republican Party Central Committee officers.   It’s time.  It’s  time for change and the New Republican Party.   It’s time to grow and strengthen our party around a grander theme.   It’s time to unite around the time tested principles that created the most prosperous and free society in 5,000 years of human history.  It is time to get back to our roots and stand on that which can deliver what each of us desire — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s time for the bold colors of  constitutionally limited government and free markets.   It’s time to return to the narrative that just five months ago energized youth, Hispanics, social moderates, decline-to-states and Independents.  It’s time to return to a message with a track record.

We want a message that will make our job of  fund raising and recruiting easier.  This is it and its time to have someone on the Executive Committee with a history of articulating these ideals.

This is not the time to tear down but a time to join Chairman Krvaric and organize around something bigger than we can accomplish as individuals.

I want to be your Central Committee Treasurer.  What I lack in Felienian humor, I will make up for with financial reports for our members that are short, transparent … and include numbers.

I appreciate and respect Gary’s years of service but it is time to send a message that we are moving the discussion forward to the important matters of liberty and prosperity.

Thank you for your support this Monday evening – Please vote Eric Andersen for Treasurer/San Diego County Republican Central Committee.

It’s time.

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Eric Andersen is a co-founder of im2moro and the San Diego Republican Liberty Caucus. He was the the Central Committee’s top vote getter in the county in June and he was recognized as the Rock Church Citizen of the Year.