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Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District Board of Governors Set to Vote on Union Only Project Labor Agreement

Guest Column
by Jim Ryan, Chief Executive Officer
Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter

During its October 20, 2015 meeting, the Board of Governors of the Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District was scheduled to vote on a motion to direct their staff to negotiate a union-only PLA for the District’s Proposition V construction work. The vote was delayed until this Tuesday’s Board meeting after the Board voted 3-2 to allow the District’s Citizens Bond Oversight Committee to provide input to the Board concerning the effect of adopting a PLA. The law under which Proposition V was passed requires GCCCD to form an Oversight Committee to continually review the implementation of the Proposition V to ensure that the taxpayer’s best interests are being met.

On Thursday of last week, the Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) met and heard testimony from both supporters and opponents of the PLA. The Oversight Committee voted 7-1 to oppose the adoption of the PLA by the Grossmont Board of Governors. The wording of the recommendation was very clear “…the CBOC recommends that the Board of Governors not continue with its plan to require construction companies to sign a PLA or negotiate a PLA for Prop V projects.”

The one vote opposing the motion was made by an Oversight Committee member employed by a local Building Trades Union who refused to recuse himself from the vote. An Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) staff member that is also an Oversight Committee member, did recuse himself from the vote.

The recommendation from the CBOC indicated that the PLA may “discourage bid competition”… “thus increasing costs.” It also indicated that a PLA would be a detriment to “maintaining voter confidence.” This is an obvious reference to the Board of Governors August 7,2012 Resolution No. 13-004 that put Proposition V in front of the voters. The Resolution stated…

“….the District will promote fair and open competition for all District construction projects so that all contractors and workers, whether union or non-union, are treated equally in the bidding and awarding of District construction contracts.”

In addition, the CBOC recommended that “…to maintain the voter’s confidence, we recommend that the District be open and transparent on future bond measures and tell the voters if a PLA may be required.”

It should be noted that the AGC San Diego Board of Directors voted unanimously last Thursday to support a recall of certain GCCCD Board of Governors members if the motion to negotiate a PLA is adopted. The AGCSD Board also unanimously voted to make a substantial financial contribution to the recall effort. One GCCCD Board member has already been served with an official petition signed by voters to initiate the recall process.

AGCSD and the voters that supported Proposition V urge the GCCCD Board of Governors to support fair and open competition and vote “NO” on the PLA!!!

Call to Action!

Four of the five Board members need to be reminded once again not to break the promise of fair and open competition. They also need to remember that its own Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee voted to recommend that the Board “not continue with its plan to require construction companies to sign a PLA or negotiate a PLA,” citing that it may “increase costs, change how the bond money is used, and undermine the district’s efforts to maximize bond revenues and achieve cost savings”.

AGC couldn’t agree more… the PLA will increase costs 10-15%, many good paying local jobs will go to out of town contractors and workers, and apprentices from non-union sponsored programs will be shut out. Click here to send that message to the Board members!

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